Strategic Plan, Mission and Vision



Our mission is to become a globally elite college of engineering based on quality, uniqueness and recognition.


  • Hiring the best faculty available
  • Establish state-of-the-art research, teaching and learning spaces


  • Become a leader in establishing the way engineers will be trained worldwide in the future
    • Requiring students to have at a minimum 6-8 week international experience
    • Creating a 'Culture of Safety' among all faculty, staff and students
    • Integrating undergraduate and graduate research efforts that are addressing global problems such as water, energy, infrastructure, medical and biological challenges by utilizing big data, data visualization and nano technology
    • Teaching our students to learn how to learn independent from formal education - "sustainable education"
    • Growing an interest in STEM careers with K-12 students


  • Grow our international/national recognition in research, teaching and service
  • Send into the workplace the engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs and technology leaders of the 21st century


Excelling as a global leader in engineering education and research


The major stakeholders of the Whitacre College of Engineering at Texas Tech University include the students, faculty, staff, the employers of our students, sponsors of our research, and the state of Texas.


Dedication & Commitment: Faculty, staff, and graduates have an ethic where hard work, industriousness, and persistence are valued.

Honesty & Integrity: The faculty, staff, and students recognize that honesty and integrity are essential in all of our actions, both as individuals and as a collective.

Supportive Community: Faculty, staff, and students in the Whitacre College of Engineering support and care about one another, sharing a sense of community that promotes creativity and effectiveness.

Diversity: It is through supporting and encouraging a diversity of people, a diversity of thought, and a diversity of learning and teaching that will allows our college to become a dynamic intellectual environment.

Teaching & Learning: Faculty members are dedicated to developing the knowledge and capabilities of students and preparing them for a successful career.

Discovery & Research: Faculty members value the research enterprise and share their enthusiasm for discovery and innovation with students.


For more information about how you can support our vision, please contact the WCOE Office of Development at 806-834-5910 or you can visit our website at