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Gifts To The Whitacre College Of Engineering

Charitable gifts are vital to the future of the Whitacre College of Engineering. They are essential to the abundance of opportunities we can provide to students and they are necessary to the prospects for research and discovery on our campus. Gifts can assist us to attract and retain the most accomplished students and faculty, to expand and improve facilities and to provide much needed assistance to students who otherwise would not be able to attend college.

Few gifts are as rewarding as those made to education and we encourage you to consider making a gift to the Whitacre College of Engineering.


The Engineering Key Society

The Engineering Key Society Brochure

Download a copy of the brochure.

About the Key Society

Some of the Whitacre College of Engineering's most extraordinary donors are members of The Engineering Key Society.

The society is named after the central point on campus for the college, the Engineering Key. The Engineering Key is a symbolic nucleus for our faculty and students' collaborations that result in excellent scholarship and groundbreaking research.

Membership is given to:


What Is An Endowment?

Endowment Payout Chart
Principal Estimated Annual Payout
(Based on 4.5%)
$10,000 $450
$25,000 $1,125
$100,000 $4,500
$250,000 $11,250
$500,000 $22,500
$1,500,000 $67,500

An endowment to the Whitacre College of Engineering is a fund that is intended to permanently support a college program or scholarship chosen by the donor. The endowment principal remains intact in perpetuity, while its interest earnings support students, faculty, or academic programs as designated by the donor. Earned interest from endowments provides necessary funds for scholarships, fellowships, professorships, academic chairs, and programs that serve as crucial elements in student and faculty recruitment and retention.

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of establishing an endowment is that it allows you to directly accomplish your philanthropic goals while helping the college fund its initiatives.

Endowed Giving Opportunities

Enhancement Endowments ($10,000 Minimum)
These endowments can be established within an academic department or for the general college. Funds from these named enhancement endowments will be used for the department or college's greatest need.
Engineering Scholarships ($25,000 Minimum)
An endowed scholarship provides a permanent and personal way for you to make a difference in the life of a Whitacre College of Engineering student.

A few suggested scholarship needs are:
  • Whitacre College of Engineering Scholarships
  • Engineering Major-Specific Scholarships
  • Transfer Student Scholarships
  • Study Abroad Scholarships


Graduate Fellowships ($50,000 Minimum)
Graduate students can take full advantage of their important training with Texas Tech engineering faculty members and focus more fully on the demands of their coursework and research with a graduate fellowship. Fellowships commonly provide for tuition, work stipends, living expenses, etc.
Faculty Fellows ($100,000 Minimum)
Faculty members appointed as Faculty Fellows have proven their leadership within the college through new and exciting educational and research initiatives. Faculty Fellows receive a discretionary stipend and may use the named fellow as part of their title.
Lecture Series ($250,000 Minimum)
An endowed lecture series will feature high-profile engineers and scientists on the Texas Tech campus and will stimulate discussion on key engineering issues. These events have the potential to provide an excellent learning opportunity for Texas Tech faculty and students. The endowment will support honoraria, publicity, and travel expenses.
Professorships ($500,000 Minimum)
An endowed professorship is one of the highest honors that the college can bestow on a member of its faculty. These professorships play a critical role in attracting and retaining proven thought leaders who can drive Texas Tech's mission and high standard for excellence. Within academia, endowed professorships are a coveted and widely recognized accolade, recognizing a colleague at the top of his or her field.
Chairs ($1,500,000 Minimum)
Endowed chairs help continue a tradition of excellence in engineering education as they provide long-term financial stability. Endowed chairs also supply the means to attract, retain and honor distinguished faculty members.


Development Staff

Karen DillardKaren DillardDevelopment OfficerEmail
P: 806.742.3451
F: 806.742.3493
Glenn GanttGlenn GanttDevelopment Officer (DFW)Email
P: 214.630.7471
F: 214.630.5413
  • Coordinate and manage development and alumni relations in the Dallas-Fort Worth region
  • Organize and host alumni and donor events
Sara KerrSara KerrUnit Coordinator, DevelopmentEmail
P: 806.742.3451
F: 806.742.3493
  • Support the daily operations of the engineering development office
  • Maintain records for gifts to the college
  • Maintain donor records and report requests
Jessica LopezJessica LopezDevelopment OfficerEmail
P: 806.742.3451
F: 806.742.3493
Susan E. SmithSusan E. SmithSenior Director of DevelopmentEmail
P: 806.834.0815
F: 713.467.2597
  • Direct development and alumni operations for the college
Julia WhiteheadJulia WhiteheadSenior Administrative Assistant (Houston)Email
P: 713.647.9600
F: 713.467.2597
  • Support the daily operations of the Houston development office
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