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Welcome to the Whitacre College of Engineering

The Edward E. Whitacre, Jr. College of Engineering is a globally elite college of engineering composed of a community of scholars; faculty, students and staff all working together to educate the best engineering talent in the world. All our graduates are internationally aware, have solid engineering fundamentals, an understanding of how their profession effects human society and are prepared to be technological leaders, regionally, nationally and internationally. Red Raider Engineers are simply the best of the best.

The college is an internationally recognized research institution ranked among the best in the country. Here, award-winning faculty, intimate classes, the International Experience Initiative, and hands-on internships combine with a true community of scholars to empower students with the knowledge and experience needed to hit the ground running.

Engineering a Global Future - 2018 Capital CampaignGlobal Future
Blending math, science, critical and creative thinking, our students and alumni are designing innovative solutions that are transforming the world. From self-repairing transportation infrastructure, smart cities, alternative energy methods, improving unconventional oil and gas recovery, the use and recovery of clean water and its distribution, engineering bio inspired processes, materials and structures, and developing medical solutions; Red Raiders are at the forefront of regional, national and global solutions. Consistent with our belief "from here, it's possible," Red Raiders are leaving their mark on the world.

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International Experience
As a student, you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to study abroad and experience the thrill of exploring another country and culture. As a future engineer, you will be part of an ever-increasing international profession.

College News

Texas Tech's Online Programs Ranked Among Best in Nation

( Jan 15th ) The university received top marks from U.S. News & World Report for its online bachelor's programs and online graduate education and engineering programs.
Student working on laptop.

Two Texas Tech Researchers Working Toward Universal Flu Vaccine

( Jan 14th ) With a five-year grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Harvinder Gill and Steve Presley are targeting the most unchanging parts of the flu virus.

Discovery Could Lead To Munitions That Go Further, Much Faster

( Dec 27th ) Space Daily - Researchers from the U.S. Army and top universities discovered a new way to get more energy out of energetic materials containing aluminum, common in battlefield systems, by igniting aluminum micron powders coated with graphene oxide.

Chemical Engineering Professor Publishes Paper Challenging Theories of Glass Transition

( Dec 21st ) Greg McKenna's work, published in Science Advances, questions long-held theories about how polymers evolve.
Arches of Engineering Building

Mechanical Engineering Students Create Device to Help Prevent Plastic Contamination During Cotton Harvesting

( Dec 21st ) (VIDEO) The students worked on the device during their senior Engineering Design I and II classes.
Cotton harvester in a cotton field