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Academic and Advising Contacts

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Academic Contacts

Undergraduate Academic Contacts
Dr. Al Sacco Jr. Academic Dean of Engineering 806.742.3451
Dr. Audra Morse Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies 806.742.3451
John A. Rivera Assistant Academic Dean 806.742.3451
Shannon Younger Lead undergraduate advisor for the college 806.742.3451
Tonette Rittenberry Graduation questions, general questions 806.742.3451
Undergraduate Advising Contacts
Chemical Engineering
Kristina Thompson 806.742.3553 CHE 211
Dr. Mark Vaughn 806.742.3553 CHE 102
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Cory Norman 806.742.3523 CEE 168
Computer Science
Dr. Richard Watson 806.742.3527 CS 316
Patricia Rodriguez 806.742.3527 CS 211
Construction Engineering and Engineering Technology
Margie Ceja 806.742.3538 CEET 225 (ME building)
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Richard Gale 806.742.3533 ECE 236
Dr. Michael Giesselmann 806.742.3533 ECE 224
Dr. Brian Nutter 806.742.3533 ECE 214
Industrial Engineering
Dr. Tim Matis 806.742.3543 IE 201
Dr. Jim Smith 806.742.3543 IE 201
Dr. Susan Urban 806.742.3543 IE 201
Mechanical Engineering
Jacob Grace 806.742.3563 ME 140
D'Maris Murillo 806.742.3563 ME 140
Petroleum Engineering
Jerry J. Perez 806.742.1801 TFPERB 210C
University Advising 806.742.2189 079 Holden Hall
Graduate Academic Contacts
Dr. Al Sacco Jr. Academic Dean of Engineering 806.742.3451
Dr. Stephen Ekwaro-Osire Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Programs 806.742.3451


Graduate Advising Contacts
Chemical Engineering
Dr. Siva Vanapalli Graduate Advisor 806.742.3553
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr. W. Andrew Jackson Graduate Advisor - Environmental and Water Resources 806.742.3523
Dr. Priyantha Jayawickrama Graduate Advisor - Structures, Transportation and Geotechnical 806.742.3523
Computer Science
Dr. Yu Zhuang Director of Graduate Studies 806.742.3527
Jessica Lunsford Graduate Advisor 806.742.3527
Construction Engineering and Management
Dr. Tewodros Ghebrab Graduate Advisor 806.834.3218
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jackie Charlebois Graduate Staff Advisor 806.742.3533
Dr. Richard Gale Graduate Faculty Advisor 806.742.3533
Master of Engineering - Healthcare Engineering Option
Dr. Ming Chyu All 806.742.3563
Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Jerzy Blawzdziewicz Director of Graduate Studies 806.742.3563
Erica Romero Graduate Academic Advisor 806.742.3563
Industrial Engineering
Dr. Shiren Wang Graduate Advisor 806.742.3543
Dr. Ismael de Farias Graduate Advisor 806.742.3543
Dr. Simon Hsiang Graduate Admissions Inquiries 806.742.3543
Dr. Jennifer Farris Graduate Distance Education 806.742.3543
Petroleum Engineering
Dr. Habib Menouar Faculty Graduate Advisor 806.742.1801