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Sang-Wook BaeSang-Wook Bae, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.4792
F: 806.742.3446

  • Use of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials in repair and strengthening of concrete structures
  • Performance improvement of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures through analytical and experimental investigation
  • Progressive collapse mitigation of concrete structures under external abnormal loads
  • Development of advanced repair and strengthening methods for corrosion-damaged concrete structures.
Xinzhong ChenXinzhong Chen, Dr. Eng.ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.6794
F: 806.742.3488

  • Bridge and Building Aerodynamics
  • Wind Engineering
  • Fatigue and Extreme Loads and Responses of Large Wind Turbines
  • Aeroelastic Instability of Onshore and Offshore Wind Turbines
  • Cable-Supported Bridges and Tall Buildings
  • Structural Dynamics and Random Vibration
  • Structural Reliability and Performance-Based Design
  • Codes and Standards
Theodore ClevelandTheodore Cleveland, Ph.D., P.E.Associate ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.5101
F: 806.742.3449

  • Hydrologic, Hydraulic, and Contaminant Transport Modeling Water Resource Systems Optimization
  • Contaminant Transport Modeling Water Resource Systems Optimization
  • Instrumentation
Mukaddes DarwishMukaddes Darwish, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.8712
F: 806.742.3488

  • Construction Safety and Health
  • Risk Management
  • Engineering Education Development Techniques
  • Increasing Achievements of Under-Represented Groups in Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • Green Building Materials and Techniques
  • Sustainable Development and Construction
David ErnstDavid Ernst, M.E.Interim Department Chair and Associate ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.8657
F: 806.742.3488

Clifford B. FedlerClifford B. Fedler, Ph.D., P.E.ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.3964
F: 806.742.3449

  • Recycling Wastewater and Biomass
  • Modeling Environmental Systems
  • Fate of Emerging Contaminants
  • Land Application of Wastewater
  • Design of Natural Wastewater Systems
  • Wetlands and Aquatic Systems
Tewodros GhebrabTewodros Ghebrab, Ph.D., P.E.Graduate Advisor for the Construction MajorsEmail
P: 806.834.3218
F: 806.742.3488

  • Performance of cement based materials under adverse environments
  • Effect of mineral/chemical admixtures on the structure-property relationships of cement based materials
  • Modeling of mechanical and physical properties of cementitious materials containing nano-size mineral admixtures
  • Effect of mineral admixtures on concrete containing recycled aggregates.
Bobby GreenBobby Green, M.S., P.E.Associate ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.6747
F: 806.742.3488

  • Circuit Theory, extension algorithms for the eigenvalue problem
  • Electric Power and Red Imported Fire Ants
  • Electric pulsed power and pulsed power modulators
  • Roadway lighting, Illumination, Luminance, and target Fourier spacial frequency and information content
  • Identifying techniques for Locating buried pipelines along TXDOT roadway right-of-way
  • Anti-penetration laboratory, Tyndall AFB, Florida
  • Biomedical Instrumentation
  • Highly Compact Building Forms
W. Andrew JacksonW. Andrew Jackson, Ph.D., P.E.Professor and Associate ChairEmail
P: 806.834.6575
F: 806.742.3449

  • Occurrence, Impact and Fate of Perchlorate
  • Biological wastewater pre-treatment for wastewater recycling
  • Fate of micro-contaminates in the environment
  • Crude oil fate in wetlands and marshes
  • Use and development of passive samplers for contaminant fate studies
Priyantha W. JayawickramaPriyantha W. Jayawickrama, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.0681
F: 806.742.3488

  • Soil/Structure Interaction
  • Unsaturated Soil Behavior
  • Design and Construction of Earth Retaining Structures
  • Load Response Behavior of Culvert Systems
  • Design of Bridge Foundations
  • Design of Bridge Approach Systems
  • Improved Quality Control Protocols for Pavement Materials
William D. LawsonWilliam D. Lawson, Ph.D., P.E.Associate ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.4484
F: 806.742.0444

  • Expansive/unsaturated soil behavior
  • Soil/structure interaction
  • Mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls
  • Compressed earth blocks
  • Pavement edge drop-offs
  • Pavement maintenance methods
  • Methodology for conducting forensic studies of residential foundation failures
Daan LiangDaan Liang, Ph.D., P.E.Associate Professor and Interim Director of the National Wind InstituteEmail
P: 806.834.0383
F: 806.742.3488

  • Remote-Sensing Imagery
  • Post Storm Damage Assessment and Recovery
  • Wind Effects on Buildings and Structures
  • Wind Storm Damage Assessment Techniques
  • Agent-based Recovery Modeling
Hongchao LiuHongchao Liu, Ph.D., P.E.ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.7853
F: 806.742.4168

  • Traffic operation and control
  • Focused on development and assessing operational and control strategies for optimal control of highway facilities
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Focused on application of AVL and other advanced technologies to bus transit systems and Fundamental traffic flow theory
  • Focused on car-following models
Kishor C. MehtaKishor C. Mehta, Ph.D., P.E.Horn ProfessorEmail
P: 806.742.3476
F: 806.742.3446

  • Wind loads, damage analysis
  • Design for tornadoes and hurricanes
  • Interdisciplinary research and studies
  • Wind engineering
Kayleigh MillerickKayleigh Millerick, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.0370
F: 806.742.3488

  • Redox transformation of aquatic organic micropollutants
  • Treatment of contaminants adsorbed to activated carbon
  • Microbiology and microbially-mediated transformations; bioremediation
Audra N. MorseAudra N. Morse, Ph.D., P.E.Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and ProfessorEmail
P: 806.742.3451
F: 806.742.3493

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Water reclamation systems and Fate of personal products in treatment systems.
Stephen M. MorseStephen M. Morse, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.3268
F: 806.742.3446

  • Window Glass Strength Design
  • Wind loads on Structures
  • Finite Element Modeling of Brittle Materials
  • Large Scale Data Processing and Data Mining
Chongzheng NaChongzheng Na, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorWebsite
P: 806.834.3597
F: 806.742.3488
Ali NejatAli Nejat, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.4065
F: 806.742.3488

  • Modeling Dynamics of Post-disaster Recovery
  • Agent-based Modeling
  • System Dynamics
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Transportation Construction Management
H. Scott NorvilleH. Scott Norville, Ph.D., P.E.ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.4534
F: 806.742.3488

  • Strength and Behavior of Window Glass under Extreme Loading
  • Blast Resistant Glazing Design
  • Strength of Heat Treated Glass
  • Behavior of Triple Glazed Insulating Glass Units
  • Strength and Behavior of Laminated Glass with High Performance Interlayers
  • Development of Standards for Testing and Designing Window Glass
Ken RainwaterKen Rainwater, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, D.WRE, CFMProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.7775
F: 806.742.3449

  • Water Resources Management
  • Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport
  • Groundwater Rights
  • Remediation of Contaminated Soil
  • Groundwater and Watershed Management
Danny ReibleDanny Reible, Ph.D., P.E.Donovan Maddox Distinguished Engineering Chair and Professor of Civil, Environmental, and Construction EngineeringEmail
P: 806.834.8050
F: 806.742.3488

  • Contaminant fate and behavior in the environment
  • Modeling environmental processes
  • Assessment and management of contaminated sediments
  • Treatment and recycling of produced and flowback waters
  • Sustainable management of water resources
Sanjaya SenadheeraSanjaya Senadheera, Ph.D.Associate Professor and Director, TechMRTEmail
P: 806.834.5815
F: 806.742.3448

  • Pavement Engineering
  • Pavement Preservation
  • Asphalt-aggregate interaction
  • Infrastructure Systems
  • Materials education
  • Sustainable Design
  • Engineering Education
Hoyoung SeoHoyoung Seo, Ph.D., P.E.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.5690
F: 806.742.3488

  • Foundation engineering
  • Analytical and numerical methods in geomechanics
  • Geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring
  • Development of in situ-test- and reliability-based design methods
  • Rock mechanics and rock engineering
  • Water jet applications in construction engineering
Douglas A. SmithDouglas A. Smith, Ph.D., P.E., F.SEI, F.ASCEAssociate ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.6179
F: 806.742.3446

  • Bluff body aerodynamics
  • Structural response to wind induced loading
  • Atmospheric boundary layer flows
  • Hurricane wind and surge damage prediction
  • Papercrete material usage and properties
Lianfa SongLianfa Song, Ph.D.ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.4356
F: 806.742.3448

  • Membrane Processes in Water Desalination and Reclamation
  • Characterization and Mitigation of Membrane Fouling
  • System Modeling and Optimization of Full-scale reverse osmosis (RO) processes
  • Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) for wastewater treatment
Annette Hernandez UddameriAnnette Hernandez Uddameri, Ph.D., P.E.Associate ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.2617
F: 806.742.3449

  • Sustainable watershed management through the development of scientifically rigorous consensus-driven decision making tools
    • Role of uncertainty
      • Climate change
      • Various model conceptualizations
    • Technology Transfer across international boundaries
    • Municipal - Agricultural water resource interactions
Venkatesh UddameriVenkatesh Uddameri, Ph.D., P.E.Professor and Director, Water Resources CenterEmail
P: 806.834.8340
F: 806.742.3449
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Sustainable Water Resources Management
  • Conjunctive Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions
  • Water-Energy Nexus
  • Decision Support Systems for Water Resources Planning
  • Climate Change
Moon WonMoon Won, Ph.D., P.E.ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.2248
F: 806.742.3448

  • Concrete Pavement Design & Performance Evaluation
  • Concrete Materials Characterization
  • Forensic Investigations of Concrete Pavement Failures
  • Preservation and Rehabilitation of Rigid Pavement
  • Pavement Deterioration Mechanisms
Weile YanWeile Yan, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.3478
F: 806.742.3449

  • Environmental applications and implications of nanomaterials.
  • Surface-mediated reactions and interactions in environmental systems.
  • Iron-based nanoparticles for groundwater and hazardous waste remediation.
Delong ZuoDelong Zuo, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.6535
F: 806.742.3446

  • Structural Dynamics
  • Wind loading of Structures

Lecturers & Instructors

Russell CarterRussell CarterInstructorEmail
Ameri GurleyAmeri GurleyInstructorEmail
Leon ShturmanLeon Shturman, M.Eng.Instructor and Interim Engineering Graphics CoordinatorEmail
P: 806.834.2786
F: 806.742.3488
David SpearsDavid SpearsInstructorEmail
Larry TannerLarry Tanner, M.S.InstructorEmail
P: 806.834.2320
F: 806.742.3488

Adjunct Faculty

Joel RobinettJoel RobinettAdjunct InstructorEmail
P: 806.834.4647
F: 806.742.3488


PhotoFirst NameLast NameTitleOfficePhoneEmail
Lisa M. BetancourtLisa M.BetancourtAdministrative AssistantCECE 150806.834.6738lisa.m.betancourt@ttu.edu
Margaret CejaMargaretCejaAdvisorCECE 168806.834.6063margaret.ceja@ttu.edu
Kim HarrisKimHarrisUnit Coordinator, TechMRTCECE 167806.834.8136kim.harris@ttu.edu
Shannon HutchisonShannonHutchisonUnit ManagerCECE 191806.834.2462shannon.hutchison@ttu.edu
Suzette  MasonSuzette MasonWater Resources Center;Unit CoordinatorMS 1023806.834.4143suzette.mason@ttu.edu
Alex NewsomAlexNewsomAcademic AdvisorCECE 168806.834.1444alexandria.newsom@ttu.edu
MikeNicholsTechnician IIICECE 191806.742.3523michael.r.nichols@ttu.edu
RitaSchumacherSenior Business AssistantCECE806.834.3216rita.schumacher@ttu.edu
Susan SechristSusanSechristSenior Business AssistantCECE 153806.834.4788susan.sechrist@ttu.edu
Debbie StarcherDebbieStarcherUnit CoordinatorCECE 171806.834.4476debbie.starcher@ttu.edu
SeanStarcherSr. Technician,TechMRTCECE 222806.834.6771s.starcher@ttu.edu
BradThornhillUnit Manager, Water Resources CenterCECE 015A806.834.1223brad.thornhill@ttu.edu