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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (B.S.C.E.)

The four-year B.S.C.E. degree program prepares graduates to enter the professional practice of civil engineering. The program imparts essential knowledge, tools and skills necessary for civil engineering graduates to become successful engineers and life-long learners. Graduates gain the ability to understand and apply mathematics, science and engineering science to solve engineering problems. They have the ability to design modern engineering systems, to work on multidisciplinary teams and to communicate by written and graphical means. Undergraduates have the opportunity for research experience by working on the many research projects conducted by the department. The program strives to instill a spirit of service and leadership among the students. Development of leadership skills, awareness of professional ethics, and participation in student organizations prepare the B.S.C.E. graduate for professional practice. Many graduates continue their education by obtaining a M.S.C.E., MBA and/or Ph.D. Click on the links below to navigate to the B.S.C.E. page or to view the civil engineering flowchart.

Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering (B.S.Con.E.)

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering is a broad based curriculum designed to prepare its graduates to enter into a wide range of positions in the construction industry. It is composed of 128 semester credit hours of course work, including a required internship, and has 2 emphases: construction from a general contractor perspective and from a mechanical/electrical subcontractor perspective. Click on the links below to navigate to the B.S.Con.E. page or to view the civil engineering flowchart.

Master of Environmental Engineering (M.Env.E.)

The M.Env.E. program at Texas Tech University is a unique program in which students can directly earn an ABET-accredited Master of Environmental Engineering. The M.Env.E. degree consists of successful completion of a five year "freshman-to-master's degree" program administered by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Texas Tech University. The program has been ABET-accredited at the advanced level, which qualifies the program graduates for reciprocal professional accreditation in Europe, Australia, and many foreign countries, and also qualifies them to pursue their professional engineering license in environmental engineering. The M.Env.E. program is referred to as a professional degree program because the program stresses engineering practice rather than research. Students in the program have numerous opportunities for internships, summer jobs, and participation in research activities while in the program. Click on the link to navigate to the M.Env.E. page or to view the environmental engineering flowchart.

Student Advising:

At Texas Tech, each civil and environmental engineering student is assigned a faculty member as his or her academic and career guidance advisor. The faculty advisor helps each student develop a personal plan of courses leading to graduation. The faculty believe that the personal attention provided to the students — particularly during their first two years — is very important to the academic success of the student and are committed to this personal method of student advising.

Additional information on any of the civil and environmental engineering programs or Texas Tech University may be obtained by contacting:

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