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Recruitment & Retention


Regional High School Latin Conference


The Texas State Junior Classical League (a branch of the national junior classical league) is an organization dedicated to the study of Latin and Greek classics. Formed in 1936 and sponsored by the American Classical League, the NJCL is the largest classical organization in the world, encompassing over 45,000 middle and high school students. Texas has a vibrant local community of Latin high school students and teachers. In fact, the state needs to be divided into 5 areas to deal with them all. Lubbock and Amarillo make up the Area D region.

Each Texan area hosts its own regional competition before the annual state event. On February 11, Drs. Friedman and Tortorelli accompanied by Lecturer Mongrain and graduate student Ryan Williams helped the local Latin teachers organize and grade the Area D competition. We also had a booth promoting Classics at TTU. It is our hope that these local high school students will one day be majors at CMLL.


CMLL participated in the 2017 Ready Set Register Fair held organized by the Office of the Provost Transition & Engagement on March 22 in the Student Union Ballroom. Students had an engaging experience through conversations with advisors and campus services in regards to information on majors and minors, upcoming advance registration and the removal of holds. The purpose of the fair is to help current students make a plan to overcome any obstacles to registering and help them prepare for the next academic term.

Introduction to International Culture

A group of scouts between the ages of 6-12 were introduced to the culture of France, Germany, Italy, Greece and Classical languages and archaeology on April 4, 2017. Members of the French, & German Clubs and the Classical Society partnered with a local Cub Scout group for their cultural night. Members set up a table with photos, maps, artifacts and delicious snacks. The scouts especially enjoyed hearing first hand cultural experiences shared by the club and society members.

Lubbock High School Spring College and Career Fiesta

CMLL advisors, Carla Burrus and Shelly Whitelonis, represented CMLL at the Lubbock High School Spring College and Career Fiesta on April 28, 2017. High school students engaged in a language recognition game as an introduction to the thirteen languages taught in the department. Afterwards, students' appetites are whet to learn languages and to discover the lands, peoples, and cultures of the varied people groups. The advisors provided brochures on the majors and minors to interested students and explored with them how languages can impact their careers and lives in general.

A Day in Raiderland


On May 12th, the Student Union Ballroom was transformed into Raiderland where Texas Tech and the College of Arts & Sciences hosted LISD Waters Elementary. The students moved through a variety of interactive stations to heighten awareness in regards to higher education and the opportunities Texas Tech offers to students. CMLL was invited to host an interactive station where students could try their hand at the game "Name that Language", while discovering the vast array of foreign languages offered at Texas Tech University.