Robert Moses Peaslee

Dr. Robert Peaslee

Assistant Professor

About Me

  • Married since 2006 to Kate Peaslee. We had our first child Coen and our dog, Chloe, and our cats, Martini and Jack.

Research Specialty

  • Critical/cultural approaches to narrative; tourism and mobility; fandom; international mass communication.

Main Methodological Approaches

  • Critical-cultural media anthropology


  • Ph.D. University of Colorado, Boulder – Mass Communication
  • M.A. The Citadel –  English Literature
  • B.A. Colby-Sawyer College – Communication Studies

Recent Graduate Courses Taught

  • Fandom: Understanding Media Production & Consumption in the Digital Era
  • The Blockbuster: Hollywood, Globalization and the Film Audience
  • Independent Study in Critical Cultural Studies

Work in Progress

  • Peaslee, R.M. & Weiner, R.G., eds. (2013). The Joker: Critical Essays on the Clown Prince of Crime.

  • Peaslee, R.M. De-spiritualization, de-contextualization, and the ‘politics of repression’: Comparing The Whale Rider’s competing texts. Journal submission forthcoming.

  • Peaslee, R.M. My day on the boundary: An autoethnography of media conduction. Journal submission forthcoming.

Publications in Last Five Years

  • Peaslee, R.M. Media conduction: Festivals, networks, and boundaried spaces. International Journal of Communication. Revise and resubmit.

  • Peaslee, R.M. & Weiner, R.G., eds. (2012). Web-Spinning Heroics: Critical Essays on the History and Meaning of Spider‐Man. Jefferson, NC: MacFarland. In press.

  • Peaslee, R.M. & Berggreen, S.L. (2012). The expediency of hybridity: Beijing 2008. Mass Communication and Society 15(4). In press.

  • Peaslee, R.M. (2011). "It’s fine as long as you draw, but don’t film”: Waltz with Bashir and the postmodern function of animated documentary. Visual Communication Quarterly 18(4), pp. 223-235.

  • Peaslee, R.M. (2011). One ring, many circles: The Hobbiton tour experience and a spa9al approach to media power. Tourist Studies 11(1), pp. 37‐54.

  • Peaslee, R.M. (2010) “The man from New Line knocked on the door”: Tourism, media power, and Hobbiton/Matamata as boundaried space. Tourist Studies 10(1), pp. 57‐73.

  • Peaslee, R.M., Berggreen, S. and Kwak, S. (2010). Idol-izing the past, present and future: Super Girl, democracy and the expediency of hybridity in contemporary China. Mass Communicator: International Journal of Communication Studies 4(4), pp. 14‐22.

  • Peaslee, R.M. (2010). The importance of [seemingly permeable] boundaries at the film festival. In Media Res online scholarship forum. 16 September.

  • Peaslee, R.M. (2009). Monologue, dialogue, polylogue: Online comments, focus group language, and the problem of identity-free communication. NMEDIAC: The Journal of New Media and Culture 6(1). Available online:

  • Peaslee, R.M. (2009). Practice in mediated space: Toward a constructivist media anthropology. Reconstruction 9(1). Special issue on Fieldwork and Interdisciplinary Research.