Shannon Bichard

Associate Professor, Advertising

About Me

  • Married to the love of my life- Rob Bichard. We have two precious yet mischievous little boys- Caleb (7) and Colton (2).

Research Specialty

  • Dr. Bichard is the author or co-author of 35 conference papers, 17 refereed publications, three book chapters and participates in several grant opportunities. She is co-author of the book, "Politics and the Twitter Revolution: How Tweets Influence the Relationship between Political Leaders and the Public". Her research interests focus on online media and include public opinion research, framing, advertising, branding, consumer behavior, as well as the scholarship of teaching. Her preferred methodology is content analysis or survey research.

Main Methodological Approaches

  • Content Analysis
  • Survey Research
  • Focus Groups


  • Ph.D. University of Florida, Journalism & Mass Communications, Advertising
  • M.A. University of Central Florida, Communication
  • B.A. University of Central Florida, Organizational Communications

Recent Graduate Courses Taught

  • Mass Communications Pedagogy COMC 6302
  • Integrated Communications Campaigns COMC 6315
  • Seminar in Public Opinion and Propaganda COMC 5344
  • Contemporary Issues in Advertising ADV 5322
  • Special Topics in Advertising ADV 6315

Publications in Last Five Years

  • Johnson, Thomas; Zhang, Weiwu; Bichard, Shannon; Seltzer, Trent (2010) “United We Stand?: Online Social Network Sites and Civic Engagement” in Zizi Papacharissi’s, Networked Self: Identity, Community, and Culture on Social Network Sites.
  • Johnson, Thomas; Bichard, Shannon; Zhang, Weiwu; Kaye, Barbara (2010) “Shut Up and Listen: The Influence of Selective Exposure to Blogs on Political Tolerance” Frank Columbus (Ed.), Blogs and Blogging: Types, Impact and Future Directions. Hauppauge, NY:  Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
  • Zhang, Weiwu; Johnson, Thomas; Seltzer, Trent; and Bichard, Shannon (2010) “The Revolution will be Networked: The Influence of Social Network Sites on Political Attitudes and Behaviors” in Social Science Computer Review special issue on "Information Technology, Social Capital, and Civic Engagement"
  • Johnson, Thomas; Bichard, Shannon; Zhang, Weiwu (2009) “Communication Communities or ‘CyberGhettos?’ A Path Analysis Model Examining Factors that Explain Selective Exposure to Blogs” Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 15, 60-82.
  • Lee, Moon; Bichard, Shannon; Irey, M.; Walt, H.; and Carlson, A.  (2009) “Television Viewing and Ethnic Stereotypes: Do College Students Form Stereotypical Perceptions of Ethnic Groups as a Result of Heavy Television Consumption?” The Howard Journal of Communications (Vol. 20, #1).
  • Bichard, Shannon; Chambers, Todd and Patwardhan, Padmini (2008) “Consolidation Trepidation: How Do Media Buyers Feel About the Current Changes in the Media Landscape?” Southwestern Mass Communication Journal (Vol. 23, #2).
  • Bichard, Shannon; McElroy, Michael; Durham, Andrew; Goode, Lauren; Wooten, Amy; Tichenor, Justin; Winegar, Scott; McCallister, Casey and Amerson, Katherine (2008) “The Difference between Day and Knight: Reality Television & the Framing of Bobby Knight” Southwestern Mass Communication Journal (Vol. 23, #2).
  • Johnson, Thomas J., Kaye, Barbara K., Bichard, Shannon L., & Wong, Joann (2007) “Every Blog has its Day: Politically Interested Internet Users’ Perceptions of Blog Credibility,” Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 13(1), article 6.  
  • Bichard, Shannon; Chambers, Todd and Patwardhan, Padmini (2007) “The Media Buying Process: Perceptions of Media Sales Representatives,” The International Journal on Media Management (Volume 9, #1).
  • Bichard, Shannon (2006) “Building Blogs: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis of the Distribution of Frames on the 2004 Presidential Candidate Websites,” Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 83(2).
  • Lee, Moon and Bichard, Shannon (2006) “Effective Message Design Targeting College Students for the Prevention of Binge-Drinking: Based on Rebellious Risk-taking Tendency,” Health Communication (Vol. 20, #3).
  • Chambers, Todd, Callison, Coy and Bichard, Shannon (2005) “Crossing Platforms: Transferring Media Dependency from Traditional Media to the Internet,” Southwestern Mass Communication Journal, 21, 13-23.