Trent Seltzer

Trent Seltzer

Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Public Relations

About Me

  • I have been married to my incredibly patient and understanding wife for seven years. We have an adorable, but stubborn three-year-old daughter and a little guy on the way. I love politics and football (not necessarily in that order).

Research Specialty

  • My research focuses on organization-public relationships (OPRs), including measurement and evaluation of OPRs, investigating the antecedents and outcomes of OPRs, understanding the role of strategic communication and public relations in establishing and developing these relationships, and how politically situated OPRs influence political engagement and policy.

Main Methodological Approaches

  • Survey
  • Content Analysis


  • Ph.D. University of Florida, College of Journalism and Communications, Mass Communication (Public Relations)
  • M.A. University of Central Florida, Nicholson School of Communication, Mass Communication
  • B.A. University of Florida, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Political Science

Recent Graduate Courses Taught

  • Integrated Communication Campaigns
  • Public Relations Problems and Cases
  • Seminar in Relationship Management
  • Seminar in Strategic Political Communication
  • Foundations of Persuasion in Strategic Communications
  • Critical Analysis of Public Relations

Publications in Last Five Years

  • Seltzer, T., Zhang, W., Gearhart, S., & Conduff, L. (2013). Sources of citizens’ experiential and reputational relationships with political parties. Public Relations Journal, 7(4), 1-35.

  • Zhang, W., Seltzer, T., & Bichard, S. (2013). Two sides of the coin: Assessing the influence of social network site use during the 2012 US presidential campaign. Social Science Computer Review, 31(5), 542-551.

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