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Case Study and Research Student Resources

Case Study Resources

Case studies are a great way for public relations students to learn about the challenges and opportunities that they might encounter in the field. By analyzing what real-world practitioners did right (or wrong), students will be better prepared to manage similar situations during their careers. The following websites feature case studies that public relations students might find useful. Supplementary information can be found on other websites and blogs (e.g., the organization's own website), newspaper articles (use the TTU Library's Lexis-Nexis database to search), trade publications (may be online or may need to use the Library's business database to find), etc.

Dr. Autumn Shafer with student group

Secondary Research Resources

Conducting background research is a crucial part of the strategic planning process. For example, students will frequently be asked to conduct a situation analysis of an organization, problem, and/or opportunity as the first step in developing a strategic communication campaign. The following resources, although not exhaustive, provide a great starting point for students who are engaged in formative research.