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The Student Success Center, designed specifically for Media & Communication students, is a resource for internship and job search assistance, career counseling, resume and portfolio development and other career related topics.

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Our Manager of Student Success Initiatives, Dr. Corey Clem, is happy to set up appointments to discuss internship and job placement, cover letters, resumes, portfolios, career counseling and other subjects related to career development.

Drop by, call or e-mail Dr. Corey Clem to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Corey Clem

My Career, What's Up Wednesday!

Our weekly newsletter, What's Up Wednesday, includes job and internship opportunities in Lubbock and other cities in Texas that have been sent directly to us by employers. We also include important announcements, such as college events and professional development opportunities. We focus on the areas and industries that align closely to the programs in the College of Media & Communication, which includes Advertising, Communication Studies, Electronic Media and Communications, Journalism, Media Strategies, Public Relations, and Mass Communications (M.A. and Ph.D.).