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Heuman, A. N. (In Press). Identity Narratives: The Family Interview Assignment as a Site for Self-Reflexivity in the Communication Classroom. Communication Teacher.

Heuman, A. N., & Langford, C. L. (Forthcoming). Tradition and Southern Confederate Culture: Manifesting Whiteness through Public Memory at Texas A&M University. In M. Reyes (Ed.), Public Memory and Ethnicity. Under review with the University of Alabama Press and Cambridge University Press.

Mark A. Gring, Re/defining the Prophetic Voice: Analysis of Unitarian/Universalist and Reformed post 9-11 Sermons, accepted for publication in, L. Ripley Smith and Kristin M. Lynn, (Eds.), Prophets Under Fire: Critical Perspectives on God's Messengers in Contemporary Society; under review, Baylor University Press; Rhetoric and Religion series edited by Martin Medhurst.

Olaniran, B. A. (In press). Challenges Facing the Semantic Web and Social Software as Communication Technology Agents in E-Learning Environments. International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments.

Olaniran, B. A. (In press). Distinguished contributing author to L. Tomei (Ed.). Lexicon of Online and Distance Education. PA: IGI Global. Journal of Materials Science and Technology, 18(1), 43-49.

Olaniran, B. A. (In press). Culture and Language Learning in Computer-Enhanced or Assisted Language Learning. M. Chang & R. Kuo (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Learning Culture and Language via ICTs: Methods for Enhanced Instruction. PA: Information science. Reprint in International Journal of information Communication Technology and Human Development.

Olaniran, B. A. (In press). Culture, Learning Styles, and Web 2.0. Interactive Learning Environment: International Journal.

Olaniran, B. A., & Williams, I. M. (In press). Web 2.0 and Learning: A Closer Look at Transactional Control Model in E-Learning. In N. Lambropoulos & M. Rodriga (Eds.). Educational Social Software for Context-Aware Learning: Collaborative Methods and Human Interaction. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Olaniran, B. A., Burley, H., & Chang, M. (In press). Social Issues and Web 2.0: A Closer Look at Culture in eLearning. In S. Murugesan (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Web 2.0, 3.0. X.0: Technologies, Business, and social applications. NY: Information Science.

Punyanunt-Carter, N. M. & Rubin, R. B. (In press). Response scales: Does it matter what words you use? InRodney Reynolds (Ed.) Handbook on Research on Online Instruments, Data Collection, and Electronic Measurements: Organizational Advancements. IGI Global Press.

Punyanunt-Carter, N. M. (In press). East Meets West: Is there a Difference Between Asian and American Girls' Use of the Internet and Negotiation of Identity? In Sharon R. Mazzarella (Ed.). Girl Wide Web 2.0: Revisiting Girls, the Internet, and the Negotiation of Identity. Peter Lang Publishers.

Punyanunt-Carter, N. M. (In press). Parasocial relationships in dating and makeover programs. In Judith Lancioni (Ed.) Dating and Make-over Reality Television Programs. McFarland Press.

Punyanunt-Carter, N. M. (In Press). Understanding Communication Motives. Texas Speech Communication Journal.

Punyanunt-Carter, N. M., & Carter, S. L. (In press). Families with a child with special needs. In S. Marrow (Ed.),Families in crisis.

Punyanunt-Carter, N. M., & Hernandez, E. (In press). Mentoring in the Virtual World. In Shawn Long (Ed.)Handbook of Research on Virtual Work. IGI Global Press.

Punyanunt-Carter, N. M. (In press). College students' perceived realism perceptions on occupational roles, negative personality characteristics, low achieving status, and positive stereotypes of African American portrayals on television. Howard Journal of Communication.

Punyanunt-Carter, N. M. (In press). Parasocial relationships in dating and makeover programs. In Judith Lancioni (Ed.) Dating and Make-over Reality Television Programs. McFarland Press.

Punyanunt-Carter, N. M., & Wrench, J. (In press). Advisor-advisee communication three: Organizational communication variables in the graduate advisee-advisor relationships. Education.

Scholl, J. C., Olaniran, B. A., Williams, D. E., & Heuman, A. N. (in press). Data collection for Crisis Communication Centers: Community preferences for terror threat and act information (pp. 1-22). Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Wrench, J. S., & Punyanunt-Carter, N. M. (In press). The Influence of Graduate Advisor use of Interpersonal Humor on Graduate Students: Advisor-Advisee Communication Four. NACADA: Mentoring Journal.

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