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Communication Studies Master's Program

At the moment, applying to the Communication Studies (COMS) Master's Program means that you will be moving forward on two fronts, as you will be submitting forms and materials both to TTU's Graduate School and to the Department of Communication Studies.

Step 1

Fill out the online application forms for Texas Tech University Graduate School.

Step 2

Contact Dr. Amy Heuman, Graduate Director of Communication Studies, directly to start the departmental application process.

Application Materials Required by the COMS Department

Send all materials directly to Dr Amy Heuman via mail, fax or e-mail.
GRE Scores You also will have supplied these to the Graduate School.
TOEFL Scores If you are an international student.
3 Letters of Recommendation Ask each writer to sen his or her letter directly to Dr. Amy Heuman via mail, fax or e-mail.
Statement of Intent Explain why you want a Master’s degree in Communication Studies, why you want to pursue your degree at Texas Tech, what you hope to gain from the program, and how you plan to use the degree.
Solo-Authored Research Paper At least 1. Send copies, not originals.
Resume/Vitae If you don't have one, this is a good time to start.

Contact Our Graduate Director

Application Deadlines

Fall Admission:

  • Competitive applicants apply by March 1.

Spring Admission:

  • Competitive applicants apply by October 1.


To do well in the COMS Master's Program, you should have at least 12 hours in Communication Studies or a related field. At least 9 hours must be in non-forensics (speech and debate). Discuss specifics with Dr. Amy Heuman, Graduate Director of Communication Studies.

Become a Teaching Assistant

To apply for a position as a COMS Teaching Assistant, come to the Office of the Chair to fill out the TA Application Form in person.

Also, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form online.

Financial Aid

For more information about financial aid for graduate students, contact the TTU Office of Financial Aid.