Communication Studies

Required Materials

Below are the criteria for submitting an application to our Master’s program. The most qualified applicants have at least 12 hours of undergraduate coursework in communication studies or a related field. At least 9 of these hours must be in courses other than forensics or speech and debate. The application process involves applying to (a) the Graduate School and (b) the Department of Communication Studies.

To apply to the Graduate School:

To apply to the Department of Communication Studies:

If you are applying to be a teaching assistant for COMS, complete the online TA application found at

Our department does require the verbal and quantitative scores of the GRE, but they need to be sent to the Graduate School, not to COMS.

To be a competitive applicant, you should have your application with the Graduate School and the Dept. of Communication Studies completed by March 1 to be admitted for the following Fall semester, and by October 1 for the following Spring semester. If you have any questions about the application process or your application status, please email the Graduate Director at