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The Department of Computer Science offers the Certificate in Software Engineering for those who do not need or wish to have a full graduate degree in software engineering or computer science. In particular, the certificate is directed toward working professionals and graduate students in non−computer science majors who are interested in systematic software development. The GRE is not required for the certificate.

Certificate Degree Plan

The Certificate Degree Plan specifies information, such as the courses to be taken. The Certificate Degree Plan should be submitted during the first semester of study in the Department of Computer Science.

The degree plan may be modified later by filling out the degree plan change form. Changes should be completed before the semester in which the certificate is completed.

Course Transfers

A graduate course may be accepted for transfer from another university as long as the following holds true:

Students should be prepared to show syllabi and example coursework from the courses they wish to transfer.

No courses are transferred until the degree plan (institutional transcripts showing the transfer courses and grades must be attached) is submitted to the Department of Computer Science and approved by the Graduate Advisor.

Only 1 course may be transferred.

Please see the Computer Science Graduate Advisor for time limits or accepting transfer courses.