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Knowledge Representation Lab: Events

December 5th, 2013: Justin's dissertation is online
December 14th, 2010: Ricardo's dissertation is online
December 13th, 2010: Sandeep's dissertation is online
December 3rd, 2007: Veena's dissertation is online
October 23rd, 2007: Veena defends her Ph.D. dissertation
May 24th, 2007: Veena's Dissertation Proposal
April 23rd, 2007: Alfredo Gabalfond visits the lab
April 20th, 2007: Tran Cao Son visits the lab
April 17th, 2007: Greg's thesis is online
March 20th, 2007: Greg defends his Master's Thesis
March 15th, 2006: Chitta Baral visits the lab
November 28th, 2005: Marcello's dissertation is online
November 1st, 2005: KRLab Forum is now online
October 31st, 2005: Marcello defends his Ph.D. dissertation
May 20th, 2005: Nick's thesis is online
April 4th, 2005: Updated Graduation pictures available
January 16th, 2005: Sandeep's thesis is online
January 2nd, 2005: MKAtoms 2.5 is out
December 7th, 2004: Nick defends his Master's Thesis
November 1st, 2004: Loveleen's thesis available online
October 27th, 2004: Sandeep defends his Master's Thesis
October 15th, 2004: Loveleen defends her Master's Thesis
August 20th, 2003: Opening of the First TAG Meeting
July 27th, 2003: Guray Alsac visits the KRLab
May 7th, 2003: Monica defends her Ph.D. dissertation
August 13th, 2002: MKAtoms reaches version 2.0
July 15th, 2002: Ramon Otero visits the KRLab
April 8th, 2002: Meeting at Texas Tech
March 26th, 2002: Veena defends her Master's Thesis
March 7th, 2002: Papers page finally complete !
October 15th, 2001: Visit of Chitta Baral
September 17th, 2001: New version of KRLab Web Site on-line
April 13th, 2001: Visit of Tran Cao Son
February 6th, 2001: KRLab Website officially opened to the public
February 5th, 2001: Links page activated
February 5th, 2001: New papers on-line
January 1st, 2001: New members join KRLab
December 1st, 2000: Preliminary version of KRLab Website published on the net
November 2nd, 2000: Visit of Mark Denecker
October 16th, 2000: Visit of Vladimir Lifschitz
September 28th, 2000: Visit of Matt Barry, from United Space Alliance