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Undergraduate Laboratories: Project Evaluations

Interim Project Reviews

Laboratory groups will meet at their scheduled time each week in the assigned location for oral progress reports. Approximately half way through the course, interim project reviews with individual project groups will be held in lieu of oral progress reports. These interim project reviews will consist of an in–depth presentation on the project by the group with interactive critique from course instructors, faculty advisors and other invited guests. Interim project reviews will include both written and oral presentations. For the oral presentations, individual students will have 15 minutes to present their part of the overall project. For the interim project review students should be prepared to defend their concepts and approach. Oral progress reporting will resume after all groups have completed their interim project review.

The written interim project review should serve as a major portion of the final project report. The format for the written paper is described in the ECE Written Report Format. All reports must be properly formatted. All reports require measurements and statistical analysis of data. All reports will be graded and returned for corrections to be made on the final report.

Project Demonstration

Each project team must demonstrate their completed project to their faculty advisor and their lab instructor. All projects require specific measurement proficiency. Manuals for the equipment to be used will be made available along with a general overview of the measurement process. Measurements are required for each project and must be included in the student's final report and demonstrated during the final demonstration.

Final Presentations

Each student is required to make a final, formal oral presentation on each lab project to the other lab students, the lab instructor, TA, faculty advisor and other invited guests. The formal presentation should be well organized and should include visual aids. The presenter should be prepared to answer ANY questions concerning the project. If for some reason your faculty advisor or his representative is unavailable, you must schedule a separate presentation to your advisor. The project team is responsible for scheduling and completing the advisor presentations by the posted due date.

Written Reports

A formal technical paper by each student is required at the completion of each laboratory class. The format for the written paper is described in the ECE Written Report Format. All reports require a section on measurements and data analysis. All reports are due on the designated date. Failure to correct the interim reports will result in a grade of zero (0) for the report.

All reports must be uploaded to the designated ECE lab web site by the time indicated on the stated due date. LATE REPORTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. LATE REPORTS WILL RECEIVE A GRADE OF ZERO, ( i.e. 0); therefore, it is in your best interest to turn the report in a few days early to avoid the inevitable "last minute problems" that often arise!

Reports should have NO grammatical or spelling errors.

All information obtained from other sources must be referenced. This includes figures and tables. The other sources also include other people. If a lab partner draws a schematic, it must be referenced. Failure to properly reference material from other sources is plagiarism and can result in a grade of F in the course.

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