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Undergraduate Laboratories: Project Requirements

Throughout the semester, each ECE lab student must:

  1. Submit a weekly progress report

    A written progress report must be submitted weekly by each student identifying the task that was to be completed that week. Evidence of the completed task (the deliverable) is required as an attachment. An updated project plan along with the specific task to be completed the next week must also be included. Any problems encountered should also be included. These progress reports should be submitted through the ECE lab Blackboard web site the day before the section meeting. (See Weekly Reports)
  2. Students in ECE 4333 and 4334 must meet weekly with the faculty advisor.

    Student groups are required to meet with their project advisor to discuss their weekly progress reports and the advisor will sign the report indicating that the group has briefed him/her. The weekly report must be signed by the faculty advisor or his/her appointed representative. The faculty advisor will assign a grade for each individual representing the individual's weekly performance. The grades will be from A to F or S to U (satisfactory or unsatisfactory). These grades are part of the advisor grade for the project.
  3. Provide oral progress reports

    For all projects each student will give periodic oral progress reports. These oral reports will be presented by the project group or team with each student reporting on the portion of the project for which they are responsible. Oral progress reports must include:
    1. restatement of the tasks that were to be completed for the week and indicate the status of each individual member's weekly tasks
    2. technical details on the project and verification of the tasks' completion (diagrams, flow charts, schematics, design decisions, parts selection, etc.),
    3. updated project schedule with changes indicated,
    4. tasks to be completed for the upcoming week,
    5. identification of problems,
    6. updated budget with changes indicated,
    7. indication that project advisor has approved the progress report.

    All oral presentations should be well organized and include visual aids. Each member of the project team is required to speak during each oral presentation. These presentations should be organized so that each student has approximately the same amount of presentation time. These presentations are mini-design reviews and must contain enough technical information for the other students, the lab instructor and the lab director's staff to fully understand the direction of the project. The presenter should be prepared to answer ANY questions concerning the project. Although each team member will have specific deliverables, ALL team members are equally responsible for successful completion of the project and ALL team members should be prepared to answer questions on the whole project.

    The oral presentations provide a focal point for the project and the project team. Each individual team member will be measured on his/her ability to meet the designated deliverables, to clearly present information on the project, to demonstrate an understanding of the technical aspects of the project and to work effectively with their team. All items will be measured by the lab instructor, the lab assistant and the other students in the class. The last item will also be measured by the team members themselves.

    Each individual's oral presentation style and effectiveness will be evaluated and the results will be available under the weekly report assignment on moodle before the next week's class so that improvements can be made. Some of the presentations will be video taped. Each student will be asked to evaluate his/her own presentations and develop plans, with the lab instructor and staff, for improvement. The written plans will be used later in the semester to assess improvement.

    All computer presentation material must be up-loaded to the designated Blackboard lab web site the day preceding the group's presentation time. A typical guideline for PowerPoint type presentations is available from SAE. Each PowerPoint presentation should have page numbers and the name of the student presenting the slide as foot notes.
  4. Read assigned material

    Each student should read the assigned material, be prepared to discuss the material in class and take a test over the material.
  5. Maintain a lab notebook to record day to day lab activities.

    Each project team must keep a project notebook. This notebook must be up-loaded to the designated Blackboard lab web site. All project related written work and reference material should be kept in this notebook as far as practical. The format for the project notebook is described in the ECE Written Report Formats
  6. Update Gantt Chart and Budget.

    The Gantt chart and budget should be updated on a weekly basis clearly indicating changes from the previous week and from the original plan.

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