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Undergraduate Laboratories: Stockroom Policies

General Procedures

Most equipment used by students on projects is checked out by them from the stockroom. Students may personally select the equipment they want, however a limited number of students per stockroom attendant are allowed behind the stockroom counter at a time and only with the attendant's permission. Checkout is accomplished via database with all checkout receipts being filed in a student folder in the stockroom., one folder for each student. A signed Gantt chart and a current student ID card are required for stockroom transactions

There are several additional rules:

  1. Students should make sure that items being checked out or returned are correctly entered in the database. Your signature on the checkout receipt signifies its correctness. The attendant will sign the return receipt, however it is your responsibility to confirm all entries are correct.
  2. The person whose name is on the checkout receipt is responsible for everything on it. Students are required to pay for repairs to, or replacement of, equipment damaged through abuse, carelessness, misuse or loss. Equipment instruction manuals are available in the stockroom; check them out and learn how to properly use the equipment and what its limitations are.
  3. Students opening a stockroom account are required to choose a lab table. The lab table (or bench) contains four lockable drawers. Keys may be checked out from the stockroom. It is highly suggested that any equipment, parts, probes, meters, etc. which will fit in a drawer be stored (locked) there when not in use. YOU are responsible for lost or stolen items.
  4. Damaged equipment should be promptly returned to the stockroom. Obtain a Damaged Equipment Form from the attendant and complete the top of the form. Be as complete as possible in your description of the problem or cause of failure, if known. The equipment will not be marked off your file until it has been repaired and/or paid for.
  5. Reference books (IC, transistor, etc. data books) may be checked out for a period of one day, should not be removed from the building, and must be returned by 4:30 PM. Other manuals and texts can be checked out for a period of 2 weeks. Xeroxing is one method for you to keep the needed reference data. Failure to return books on time may cost you your checkout privileges.

Stockroom equipment is for course work only.

Laboratory Space and Equipment

Lab access is controlled by ID card swipe. Students must NOT remain in the lab alone – at least two persons must be present at all times. The doors are never to be propped open. Due to limited lab space and equipment, students are not allowed to work on personal projects in the lab rooms. No eating, drinking, smoking or other tobacco products are allowed in the lab rooms.

All students in the lab must exhibit safe operating procedures. Do NOT work on high voltage projects alone.

All equipment must be checked in to the stockroom by the 1st day of finals. Any exception to this rule requires written approval from the Lab Director. Any equipment or parts damaged while checked out to a student will be repaired at the student's expense. Any missing equipment or parts will be replaced at the student's expense. A grade of F will be given until the student's folder is cleared (i.e., all items are returned or replaced).

For breadboarding small, simple circuits students should purchase a solderless breadboard module and use cut-to-length wires. Clip leads should be avoided. Taking equipment from another student's bench is a serious matter and is regarded as theft.

Students may rent lockers in the EE building in which to keep their belongings. The lockers are not to be used to stockpile equipment. Each lab team should prepare a small sign with their names on it for display on their bench.

Stockroom equipment must not be removed from the Electrical Engineering Building without written authorization from the Director of ECE Undergraduate Laboratories. Spot Checks of lab positions will be performed by the Cal Lab personnel at regular intervals. Any missing equipment will be assumed stolen and acted upon immediately.

Any missing equipment MUST be reported immediately to the Undergraduate Laboratory staff. Failure to report missing equipment can influence the status of your final grade for the course.

The stockroom maintains a modest assortment of hand-tools for use by students on their projects. However, it is recommended that students buy their own tools since it is not lab policy to assure a supply of tools for everyone.

Certain equipment is set aside in the "closed" stockroom. This equipment can be checked out only from one of the technicians in the Calibration Shop (Room 3) or from the laboratory director. Items in closed stock are those which are very delicate, expensive or rare. In general, at least one technician is available in the shop to answer questions regarding the equipment.

Obtaining parts not available in the Stockroom

Reimbursement form available in stockroom.

If your project requires an item which you are sure is not available in the stock room, and for which you can not find an acceptable substitution in the stock room, you may purchase that item and be reimbursed for that item provided:

  1. All purchases must have prior written approval from the ECE Department Chairman, Associate Chairman, lab instructor, or an appointed representative.
  2. Local purchase receipt must contain vendor information, quantity, a brief description, price per each, (a cash register receipt tape is not acceptable), and your name.
  3. Mail order, COD, and credit card purchase receipts must show vendor information, an itemized listing of items purchased, price of each item, and must show total price as a paid item (i.e., an unpaid invoice is not acceptable). Normal shipping charges and sales tax will be reimbursed; COD, overnight or express charges will not be reimbursed.
  4. All reimbursed items become the property of the ECE Dept.
  5. Item or items must be the only items on receipt (if you have any personal purchases, put them on another receipt).

Take your receipt(s) and the completed reimbursement form to Richard Woodcock richard.woodcock@ttu.edu (Calibration Lab) and he will give you further instructions. If you cannot locate a source, ask your project advisor or Calibration Lab personnel.