Texas Tech University.

Former Tech Students

Are you a returning veteran who withdrew to perform active military service and is requesting readmission under House Bill No. 1170 (Sec. 51.9242)?

Texas Tech University maintains student records under the name the student had when last enrolled. A former student may only change the name on his or her permanent academic record by submitting a Student Information Correction Form and supplying a copy of their current social security card. Marriage licenses or other court documents are no longer accepted as proof of a name change.  The only exception will be for international students who have not been issued a social security card.  In that case, a copy of your visa is required.  You should update your social security card prior to coming to change your name or SSN at Texas Tech.  For a copy of the Student Information Correction Form and more complete information on procedures to change your name, please see the Name Change Information page on the Office of the Registrar web site, http://www.depts.ttu.edu/registrar/pages.aspx?page=namessn.