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Welcome to the webpages dedicated to keeping all of our alumni and friends up-to-date with department news.

Each year the department graduates more than 50 new atmospheric scientists, geologists and geographers, who go forth and raise the profile of the department, enhancing the reputation of our teaching, research and service in their professional communities. The department hopes that all of you are building upon the strong foundation provided by your education at Texas Tech and we are always interested to hear your news.

Thank you!

Through the generosity of alumni and friends of the department, we are able to provide recruitment and academic scholarship support to many undergraduate and graduate students. The department also provides financial and logistical support to the research activities of many more students.

Alumni Newsletter

Each year the department prepares a new issue of Caprock Connections to bring our alumni and friends up-to-date on recent developments and the success stories of our students, faculty and alumni. We encourage everyone to spend a few moments catching up on department news by clicking below to download a copy of the newsletter.

Spring Issue 2018


Fall Issue 2017


Caprock Connections Archive

Fall Issue 2016

Advisory Board

The Department of Geosciences appreciates the increasing diversity of employment opportunities for our graduates, and recognizes that it has to be responsive to the changing needs of employers. Therefore, an important task for the department is the provision of an academically strong education that balances knowledge with development of important skills such as teamwork, problem soliving, critical thinking and independence that benefit graduates regardless of future employer.

A similarly important goal for the department is to broaden our engagement with alumni to bring tangible benefits to the department in terms of guideance and awareness of current and future industry needs and challenges, advocacy of our needs to university, state and federal administrators, and, much closer to home assistance through direct and indirect support with fund-raising efforts, be they through internal or external channels.

To provide an improved structure and enable better communication between stake-holders the department is establishing an Advisory Board that we hope will be in place no later than the Fall of 2017. If you are interested in providing feedback on development of the board, or perhaps more importantly, actively joining to Board to advocate for a positive future, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Donating to the Department

The department has witnessed unprecedented growth in terms of student enrollment, in both our undergradaute and graduate programs, in recent years. Despite challenges in some employment sectors, demand for students with degrees in the basic sciences, and Geosciences in particular, remains high and demand for department graduates remains strong. One of the strengths of the degree programs is our focus on experential learning within a traditional curriculum, with emphasis placed on field-based observations of natural systems, and completion of an independent research project.

These opportunities, while valuable, also make significant demands upon our student's time and financial resources. Fund-raising to support our students and their research activities remains a major goal, and we appreciate all contributions, be they financial, through in-kind gifts, or other resources that our alumni and friends may be able to provide to support the department.

If you would like to donate, or obtain more information about how to donate, you are encouraged to investigate the following links.

DONATE ONLINE - This is the easiest way to contribute to a Department Scholarship, Teaching or Research Fund, or Endowment.

HOW TO GIVE - In the College of Arts & Sciences, Colleen Sisneros and Cathey Durham will be happy to provide you with information about the different types of gifts, and how to maximize their potential.

A Message from Dean W. Brent Lindquist on Why Giving Matters