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Performance Management


Performance Management focuses on the supervisor's basic responsibility of encouraging results through the efforts of other individuals and is the foundation of performance excellence. Effective performance management is an on-going process which involves the position description, performance evaluations, corrective action, and rewards and recognition through a coaching model.

TTU OP 70.12 Performance Management

Position Description

A position description is an official written list of a position's repsonsibilities and requirements. It is designed as a resource for supervisors to:
identify and select employees

set expectations for the job

provide a point of reference for employee performance accountability

assist in leave administration

aid in legal aspects

Position Description form

Performance Evaluation

A performance evaluation is a tool which provides the employee an assessment of his/her performance on the essential job functions, global competencies and supervisory factors (when applicable). The essential job functions and global competencies are taken directly from the position description linking the two forms together to provide the background for successful performance management. It is the immediate supervisor's responsibility to ensure the performance evaluations for their employees are completed within the required timeframe.
electronic Performance Management (ePM)


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