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Awards and Recognition
Educational Incentive Pay 70.18 View
Length of Service Awards 70.26 View
Distinguished Staff Awards for Non-Faculty Employees 70.30 View
Service Excellence Leave Award 70.34 View
Benefits and Retirement
Break Time for Nursing Mothers 70.46 View
Compensation in Excess of Base Salary 70.16 View
Eligibility for Insurance and Other Benefits 70.05 View
Holidays 70.42 View
Optional Retirement Program 70.07 View
Overtime 70.17 View
Retirement 70.02 View
Salary Administration Policy 70.14 View
Tax Sheltered Annuity Program 70.09 View
Workers' Compensation Insurance 70.13 View
Employee Information
Early Return-to-Work, Alternate, and Light Duty Assignments 70.39 View
Employee Assistance Program 70.33 View
Employee Training and Development 70.41 View
Employee Tuition Assistance Program 70.29 View
Employee Working Hours 70.06 View
Longevity and Hazardous Duty Pay 70.25 View
Non-faculty Employee Complaint Procedures 70.10 View
Performance Management 70.12 View
Hiring and Employment
Appointment of Staff Employees 70.11 View
Drug and Alcohol Testing for Safety- and Security-sensitive Positions 70.35 View
Employment-based Permanent Residency Petitions 70.38 View
Employment in Security-sensitive Positions 70.20 View
Employment of Persons in Temporary Worker (H-1B) Immigration Status 70.36 View
Employment of Student Employees 70.27 View
Multiple and Other Employment 70.15 View
Nepotism 70.08 View
Staff Recruitment 70.03 View
Family and Medical Leave and Parental Leave 70.32 View
Leave without Pay 70.43 View
Military Emergency Leave 70.04 View
Miscellaneous Leaves of Absence 70.01 View
Sick Leave and Sick Leave Pool 70.44 View
Vacation Leave 70.45 View
Privacy and Safety
Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedure for Violations of Employment and Other Laws 40.02 View
Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Sexual Misconduct, and Title IX Policy and Complaint Procedure 40.03 View
Communicable and Transmittable Disease Control in the Employee Workforce 70.24 View
Information Privacy and Confidentiality Statements 70.40 View
Employee Conduct, Discipline, and Terminations 70.31 View
Employee Deaths 70.22 View
Employee Exit Procedures 70.19 View
Reduction in Force Policy 70.23 View
Volunteer Workers 70.21 View


Human Resources