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Posting a Position

Human Resources Border Line

Human Resources provides services that will guide you through the process of posting, recruiting, interviewing, and final selection.

Position Description Form or Reclassification/New Position Form

The process to open a position begins with the Position Description form. This form outlines the minimum qualification requirements for the position and describes the knowledge, skills, and abilities associated for conducting interviews.

If the position you are posting is a new position, you must also complete the Reclassification/New Position Form. Attach the Position Description form and organization chart identifying the names and titles of incumbents along with the location of the new position/reclassified position in the department. Route the New Position/Reclassification form through the appropriate approval levels, Department Head and AVP/Dean or Provost/Vice President levels. Forward the completed form to Compensation and Operations. You will receive an e-mail with the final approval, new position number and the effective date of the new position or reclassified position.

Create a Hiring Manager Account and Post a Position in Texas Tech Careers

Once a position has been approved, you may post the job.


Your job will automatically be advertised through Texas Tech Careers. There are also a number of additional choices for advertising at the department's request. Please note that the cost of additional advertising is paid by the hiring department. 

  • External Ad Request Form
  • Texas Tech Careers: Advertising on Texas Tech Careers is automatic.
  • Internet: The Internet is the fastest growing method of reaching candidates. Consider smaller industry specific and diversity sites.
  • Newspapers: Although the dynamics in newspaper advertising is changing, advertising in local papers can be an option.
  • Professional Journals: Professional journals are an excellent way of advertising for industry specific positions. Ads in journals generally have a longer life. Be sure to give yourself ample time to place the ad since journals are usually printed monthly or quarterly. Due to cost, these ads are generally reserved for national searches or high-level positions.
  • Networking: Networking remains the single most effective way to fill positions. Talk with other employees, universities, colleagues, professional organizations, and community leaders. Notify other universities with large numbers of graduates in your field. Attend industry job fairs and local professional organizations.

Skills Testing

Contact Human Resources Recruiting at hrs.recruiting@ttu.edu to request skills testing.

Hiring managers may request that final applicants for clerical positions take skills assessments prior to or following their interview. The Human Resources office offers multiple tests to assist in assessing applicants' software and keyboarding skills.

  • Keyboarding tests: Typing speed and accuracy, entry of alphanumeric data, keypad and keyboard skills, and data entry.
  • Clerical tests: Word processing skills, alphabetic and numeric filing and proofreading.
  • Financial tests: Several common business financial tasks plus basic math.
  • Professional tests: Legal/medical keyboarding, proofreading, terminology, and transcription tests.
  • The job posting will indicate if the department has required applicants to be administered a skills assessment test.

The Interview

  • Interviewing and Hiring Tips
  • Recruitment Matrix Tutorial
  • Recruitment Matrix

Closing the Requisition

A job posting can be closed (removed from the website) at any time after the mandatory 10-day posting requirement. Notify Human Resources Recruiting to close and/or fill the job.  Job postings with an open and closing date are automatically removed from Texas Tech Careers.