Texas Tech University

Recruitment Checklist


Use the checklist below to help guide you once you have found your new employee.

Extending the Offer

  1. Write the Offer Letter.
  2. Extend an offer to the candidate. They must return the Offer Letter and Criminal Background Check Request form signed.

After the Candidate Accepts Your Offer

  1. Have a Criminal Background Check conducted.
  2. Keep copies of all documented communication and paperwork, including the signed offer letter for the department's records.
  3. Complete a New Hire ePAF for your new employee.
  4. The I-9/New Employee Packet must be completed within the first three days of employment and be submitted with the employee's New Hire ePAF.
  5. Set up phone information, and order keys and business cards (if applicable)

The Candidate's First Day in the Department

  1. Help them register for New Employee Orientation and/or Health Benefits Orientation (depending on the hire date) through the Human Resources Web site.
  2. Remember to have the employee sign up for Emergency Alerts, Parking, and Direct Deposit where applicable.
  3. Review the position description and job responsibilities with the employee and have them sign.
  4. Establish work and lunch hours if applicable.
  5. Review conduct and appearance expectations.
  6. Provide keys and business cards if applicable.
  7. Conduct a guided tour of department to include the location of office supplies, the break room, etc.
  8. Introduce them to other department personnel
  9. Inform them as to whom they can direct questions (i.e., a mentor).
  10. Optional: Have lunch with the new employee on their first day to help feel welcome!