Texas Tech University

Human Development and Family Studies


Sexual Health, Infidelity, & Family Transmissions (SHIFT) Team

The Sexual Health, Infidelity, & Family Transmissions research team explores how family experiences are associated with adults' later romantic relationships and sexual health. Our work explores how parents communicate and model behaviors which later influence individuals as they enter into their own relationships and become sexually active. We study how and what families teach us about infidelity, sexual health, and sexual violence. We also study predictors of and reactions to infidelity, including experiences of infidelity partners. In addition, our team examines self-efficacy development and how self-efficacy is associated with relationship and education outcomes. The research team utilizes a variety of perspectives, such as social cognitive theory, feminist theories, and personality theories to frame our work. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our research, please contact Dr. Dana Weiser at dana.weiser@ttu.edu


Select Current Projects:

Dana Weiser & Viviana Gomez--Family Patterns of Infidelity

Dana Weiser & Dan Jones (University of Texas, El Paso)--Attitudes Towards Condoms: Exploring the Intersections of the Dark Triad and Socialization, funded by College of Human Sciences Come N Go Grant

Dana Weiser, Sylvia Niehuis, Jeanne Flora, Narissra Punyanunt-Carter, Santiago Arias & Hannah Baird--Swiping right: Sociosexuality, Intentions to Engage in Infidelity, and Infidelity Experiences on Tinder

Shima Hassanzadeh & Dana Weiser--Parental Divorce and Likelihood of Being in an Age Gap Relationship (Shima won second place place in the TTU Graduate Student Research Poster competition-Human Sciences category for this project)

Dana Weiser--The Three Facets of Infidelity: Personality Traits among Infidelity Transgressors, Victims, and Partners

Dana Weiser & JulieAnne Pender--Parent-Adolescent Communication about Sexual Assault and Consent

Dana Weiser, Randal Brown, M. Rosie Shrout, Kristan Russell, Dan Weigel, and Bill Evans (University of Nevada, Reno)--A New Measure of Parent-Child Sex communication

Shu Yuan & Dana Weiser--Relationship Dissolution Following Marital infidelity: Comparing European Americans and Asian Americans