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Center for Financial Responsibility Texas Tech

The Center for Financial Responsibility provides superior education for future financial success.

The financial service industry has undergone tremendous change with respect to the quality and quantity of service delivered at the consumer level. Changing governmental, social, economic and demographic forces have dictated the need for professional assistance in meeting personal and family financial goals. The Center for Financial Responsibility (CFR) has seen a dramatic increase in the number of stories in the national media emphasizing the coming social and political disaster regarding the lack of knowledge and planning for retirement.

"Texas Tech has created financial planning educational opportunities that no other university can duplicate," said Bill Gustafson, Ph.D., former Director of the Center for Financial Responsibility. "We are taking the lead in educating for future financial success with the center." Working with professionals in the field is one of the important goals of the center, he said. "We wanted to designate the center for that purpose of helping professionals with their retirement decisions."

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The Center for Financial Responsibility is committed to the pursuit of personal financial security for every individual and family. The Center advances this cause by supporting multiple initiatives:


Research advances our knowledge of what it means to be financially responsible, and how financial security is best sought.


Training K-12 teachers to provide high-quality training the youth of the nation.


Development of financial planning education programs at colleges and universities around the country.


Partnering with local agencies and the private sector to provide financial literacy programs to communities around the country.

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