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The Center staff members produce a weekly newsletter to showcase what students are up to in Sevilla. The newsletter is available during the fall and spring semesters only; thus, this webpage will be updated accordingly. 

11 May 2017

Dear Friends and Family of The Texas Tech University Center in Sevilla,

Last week was a really busy week, as students were finishing with final exams and presentations. They also enjoyed a free time for the city of Seville's big festival: la Feria.

While some students stayed in Seville to dance Sevillanas and enjoy the carnival rides of the fair, others took advantage to do more traveling before the semester's end. Some of the international destinations included Madrid, Valencia, Lisboa, and Rome. I think it's safe to say that a lot of European destinations were marked off most students' travel lists.

Spring 2017

Spring 2017

In the next few days the students will slowly be trickling out of Seville. Some will go straight home while others will continue their international travels before heading back. In all, it has been quite a semester. Those of us at Texas Tech Center in Sevilla would like to thank you for giving the best of you and helping make this a memorable semester for everyone. Sevilla will surely miss you!

Un abrazo,
- Myriam.

TTU Seville Engineering 2017

TTU Seville Engineering 2017


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Feria 2017

Fireworks At The Feria

Fireworks At The Feria 2017

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