Computing Labs


ATLC Main Location

Advanced Technology Learning Center (ATLC)


West Basement of the University Library building

Today's hours are 7:30am - 6:00pm.
ATLC Main is currently CLOSED.
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Remote Locations

ATLC SUB (Student Union Building)


Location: Student Union Building
Hours: Open the same hours as the Student Union
Workstations: 28 PCs, 2 iMacs

ATLC East (Bledsoe/Gordon/Sneed)


Location: Bledsoe/Gordon/Sneed Complex
Availability: Open 24/7 when residence hall is open
Workstations: 28 PCs, 2 iMacs

ATLC North (Carpenter/Wells)


Location: Carpenter/Wells Complex
Availability: Open 24/7 when residence hall is open
Workstations: 16 PCs, 2 iMacs

ATLC West (Coleman)


Location: Coleman Residence Hall
Availability: Open 24/7 when residence hall is open
Workstations: 12 PCs

ATLC MCOM (Media and Communications)


Location: Media and Communication Building
Hours: Mon - Fri [2:00 PM - 10:00 PM]
Workstations: 33 PCs

ATLC KSM (Kinesiology and Sports Management)


Location: Kinesiology and Sports Management Building
Availability: Open the same hours as KSM Building
Workstations: 16 PCs

ATLC Graduate Center


Location: Administration Bldg., Room 41 (west basement)
Availability: Graduate Students with ID Card Access
Workstations: 10 PCs, 2 iMacs

ATLC Honors College


Location: McClellan Hall
Availability: Honors College Students with ID Card Access
Workstations: 6 PCs

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Do you need to use a specific software? View the list of software available on each computer lab to find the one that fits your needs.

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Faculty and staff can request a computer lab reservation. View the reservation policy and reserve a lab today.

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Learn more about the Visually Impaired Access Stations available to all current visually impaired students, faculty, and staff of Texas Tech University.

Some colleges and departments have microcomputer and other computing labs available for student and faculty use. Each facility has its own documentation and support for the computers it operates. The links in the following table will take you to the home pages of the college/departmental sites. If you know of a campus lab that is not included in this listing, please call (742-1650) or e-mail the webmaster. We want this list to be as complete as possible.

College Computer Labs

College Facility/Location/Website Phone
Architecture Architecture 903. Open for general use when classes do not need the room. 742-3136
Education Computer Center - Education 256 (used primarily for Education graduate students and faculty), 257, 258, 262 742-2377
Engineering Various computing facilities, including Distance Learning Graduate program and program for Semiconductor Product Engineering, Petroleum Engineering 118 & 119 742-3527
Human Sciences Computer Learning Center, Human Sciences 306, 306d 742-4185
Law School Computing facilities, Law School, Rm 227 & Training Computer Lab, Rm 226 742-3957

Departmental Computer Labs

Department/Area Facility/Location/Website Phone
Art Computer Lab, Architecture 203-205 742-3825 ext. 250
Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Room 218 (30 computers) and Room 220 (24 computers) 742-3476 ext. 241
Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures Language Learning Lab, Foreign Language 019 742-3151
English (Technical Communications) 1 Mac Lab, English Rm 303 and 4 PC Computer Classrooms (352, 353, 357, 358) 742-2504
Chemistry Chemistry Room 11 (Teaching and Research) 742-3067
English English 200 742-2500 ext. 269
Landscape Architecture Agricultural Sciences Room 113. Used for students taking the CAD courses, open after hours. 742-2858
Library University Library, ADA Facilities on the 3rd floor, Digital Media Studio on the 2nd Floor, Libraries Internet Café 1st Floor 742-2261
Mathematics Mathematics Computer Lab - Mathematics Building Rm 113
Computer Lab - Mathematics Building Rm 9
Labs are only accessible to students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate mathematics computing courses.
Music Listening Library, Music 250
Experimental/Electronic Music Studio, Music 252
Programs for Academic Support Services Room 205 West Hall. Open for general student use. 742-3128
Philosophy Microcomputer Logic Laboratory - English & Philosophy 326 742-3128
Social Sciences Computer Laboratory, Holden Hall 105 and Social Work Lab, Rm 166 742-2400
Support Operations for Academic Retention Learning Center (SOAR) Computer Laboratory, Room 80 Holden Hall 742-3664
Teaching, Learning, &
Professional Development Center (TLPDC)
University Library, North Wing, Room 155
Faculty may use the TLPDC website to reserve the labs for short term use.