Texas Tech University

Information for Students

Examination Day

Please arrive in the exam room at least 15 minutes before the exam time is set to begin and find a seat, leaving an empty seat between you and the next student. If a problem occurs on the day of the exam which will result in your tardiness or failure to show for the exam, notify the Registrar's Office as soon as possible; do not contact your professor.

Provided, Permitted, and Non-Permitted Items

Come prepared to take the exam by bringing all necessary and approved materials as indicated by your professor. Only those items needed to take the exam will be allowed by your side during the exam. For example, any student who brings in a backpack for a closed book exam will be asked to leave it either toward the front or side of the room, or to remove it entirely.

Exam ID: To protect the anonymity of the student, a set of exam numbers are issued each semester. This number is used in lieu of your name, student ID, or social security number. This number will appear on a label that is affixed to the exam cover sheet. Please take extra care in recording your exam number onto your answer document to avoid transposing numbers or writing down the wrong number entirely.

Supplies: Bluebooks, scantrons, earplugs, and scratch paper are provided in the exam room for each student. You may bring pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, blank flags, or blank tabs to use; these are not provided. You are also permitted to bring a sweater or jacket, prescription eye glasses (no dark lenses), tissue, food, and drink (with lid).

Electronics: Other than a laptop or simple calculator (if permitted by professor), you are not allowed to have a cell phone, smart watch, iPod, iPad, picture phone, digital pager, or other electronic devise in any exam room during final exams. Please leave your phone in your carrel, car, or at home. If someone needs to reach you on an emergency basis during an exam period, please have them call the front office at 806-742-3990.

SoftTest: If the use of SofTest, a testing computer program by ExamSoft, is allowed by your professor and you choose to use it, make sure you have the latest version of SofTest installed on your laptop and download the exam before your arrival. The SofTest software which works similarly to Word, is pre-programmed to print with certain headers (exam number and course information) and formatting (font, line space, page numbers, page breaks) following your exam submittal. If you have any technical questions or require assistance regarding SofTest, contact the Law School Help Desk at computersupport.law@ttu.edu

Examination Administration

Final examinations are administered by a Law School staff member, not the professor. The test administrator will leave the room after the exam has started and generally will not return again until a few minutes before the exam ends. If you have a question regarding the exam, leave the exam face down on your desk and contact the test administrator, not the professor.

You may take breaks during the exam, but are permitted to be only in the restrooms, Commons, Forum, or the halls.

After the Exam

After you take the exam, do not contact your professor until your grade has posted. Grades will not be posted until after the last scheduled exam is given. Be considerate of others still taking an exam. Do not discuss your exam with others or congregate/ visit in the hallways.

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