Texas Tech University

Center for Water Law and Policy

The purpose of the Center for Water Law and Policy is to develop opportunities for critically examining legal, regulatory, and policy aspects of water law and water resource management. The Center is dedicated to pursing these objectives through an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates economic, sociological, agricultural, environmental, and other views of water management. Our goal is to provide relevant information to private, local, state, federal, and international law and policy-making bodies as a means of elevating the discussion about water law and resources.

Located in the agricultural heart of the United States, the Center is uniquely situated to comment upon local water resource issues that have an extended impact on communities across the State of Texas and the United States. The rise of climate variability, changing weather patterns, and increasing water scarcity demands thoughtful and engaged consideration of water resource planning and use. Approaching these issues from an interdisciplinary standpoint is essential. The Center partners with many units of Texas Tech University, including the Climate Sciences Center, to develop comprehensive programming which draws on the unique talent and resources of the University and region.

Center Faculty