Texas Tech University

Strategic Plan

Priority: Attract and recruit a diverse, ethical, and academically accomplished student body.


  • Continue to improve the Law School's regional and national reputation by increasing the academic credentials of incoming students.
  • Increase and manage scholarship funds to attract driven and ethical students from all socioeconomic backgrounds, students who will add to the diversity of the student body, and students who demonstrate exceptional academic and professional potential.
  • Actively recruit historically underrepresented minorities and female applicants to improve the diversity of applicants and matriculating students.
  • Continue developing promotional materials, social media presence, and the aesthetics of the facilities to reflect the Law School's commitment to a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming experience for all applicants and matriculants.

Priority: Offer a comprehensive curriculum that fulfills the demands of a changing legal profession and ensures that graduates are practice-ready.


  • Encourage and support the use of technology in classroom instruction, including online education, and prepare students to use emerging technology in law practice.
  • Provide more opportunities for experiential learning through simulations, clinics, faculty-supervised externships and doctrinal courses.
  • Identify curriculum gaps and potential solutions to respond to market demands in areas of career opportunity.
  • Develop and market programs of strategic interest.
  • Foster an educational environment that promotes professional values and ethics, including public service.
  • Provide more “writing across the curriculum” opportunities to train students to be strong researchers, writers, advocates, and thinkers.

Priority: Maintain an excellent and diverse faculty and foster innovative and influential legal research and scholarship.


  • Continue to recruit and retain an excellent and diverse faculty, and support their role to be great legal educators to our students and innovative scholars to the legal intellectual community.
  • Take steps to increase the quality, influence, and amount of our faculty scholarship.
  • Continue to value a variety of legal scholarship.
  • Heighten our state, regional, national, and international reputation relating to our faculty scholarship.
  • Enhance our external communications, including our web and social media presence, relating to faculty scholarship.

Priority: Promote student success and well-being and foster an environment of inclusivity between and among faculty, students, and staff.


  • Create a student-centered learning environment that highlights student success.
  • Increase the availability of mental health and wellness resources at the Office for Student Life.
  • Create a dynamic mentoring system through faculty advisors, administrators, and peer mentors to ensure that everyone feels welcome and supported at the law school.
  • Assist with the transition to the legal profession by providing students with opportunities to learn about issues faced by legal professionals.
  • Support student organizations through increased institutional resources.
  • Promote camaraderie between the faculty and students through school-sponsored events with increased student access to faculty in settings outside of the classroom.
  • Empower students to be community leaders, agents of needed reform and change, and exemplars of ethical conflict resolution.
  • Create an inclusive excellence framework via the Office for Student Life that is considerate of all students in order to affirm identity of all students.
  • Enhance and support bar preparation initiatives to improve student success on the bar exam.

Priority: Enhance our institutional reputation, increase our financial resources, and strengthen our ties with our alumni so that the school has deeper and more varied resources to use in fulfilling our mission.


  • Enhance our web and social media presence to showcase our strengths and accomplishments.
  • Continue to enhance our state, regional, and national reputation through recruiting students and faculty who will enhance our reputation and contribute to our diversity; continuing to improve our placement and bar passage results; promoting our distinctive and innovative program and centers; and increasing our U.S. News & World Report ranking.
  • Increase private fundraising through alumni engagement.
  • Continue to be strategic in our use of financial and other resources.
  • Enhance our alumni engagement by enhancing our reputation; increasing alumni support (both financial and non-financial); and enhancing the student experience by intentional interaction with alumni.

Priority: Promote excellence by striving for increased diversity of the Law School's student body, faculty, and staff and build a culture of respect and professionalism to foster an equitable and inclusive Law School climate.


  • Present a clear and visible message about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in a myriad of ways including recruitment materials; Law School committee, center, and program goals; and the Law School's physical environment.
  • Expand efforts to engage in aggressive and creative recruitment and retention of diverse students, faculty, and staff, with diversity being defined in the broadest sense with respect to race and ethnicity, age, disability status, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity, socioeconomic status, language, culture, national origins, and religious commitments.
  • Provide diversity, equity, and inclusion training resources and education designed to develop skills and behaviors to enhance the Law School's climate.
  • Increase opportunities for research, teaching, and public service that supports and addresses issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.