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On-Campus Interview Program


The Career & Professional Development Center at Texas Tech Law has experienced tremendous change this year within our team. We are excited to announce a new Assistant Dean for Career & Professional Development, Kayla Wimberley, as well as a new Associate Director, Saige Lee. We are Embracing the Future and hope to bring innovation and a forward-thinking mindset to recruiting at Texas Tech and to continue the top-notch service you have always received. 

This year we are also encouraging our students to Embrace the Future and explore new opportunities during OCI. We urge you to join us, and Embrace the Future of your organization, by hiring our amazing Red Raiders! We believe that the West Texas culture of hard work, personality, dedication, and integrity brings value to your organization. We invite you to meet our smart, personable students with high quality writing and research skills, along with advocacy skills steeped in competition.

The Texas Tech University School of Law Career and Professional Development Team invites you to recruit 2L and 3L students by participating in our Summer & Fall 2024 Recruiting Programs.

Embrace the Future and register today to recruit high quality 2L and 3L students this Summer and Fall.

Summer 2024 Recruiting Session
Summer Session (Virtual Interviews Only): July 29-August 2, 2024

Fall 2024 Recruiting Sessions
August Session: August 12-16, 2024
September Session: September 11-20, 2024
October Session: October 9-18, 2024

You may recruit 2L students for summer work and/or meet our 3L students seeking post-graduate jobs.

Reserve interview days by completing the registration form linked below. Your team selects the students to be interviewed and the schedule that works best for you.

Don't forget the resume collect option. Our Resume Collect service provides selected and sorted applicants to you - on your schedule - and is available for employers who are unable to participate in Lubbock or who need flexibility in planning.

The Career Center will facilitate the set-up of all virtual interviews, including all interviews during the Summer Session, through the FloRecruit platform. Employers will receive an interview link for all interviews 72 hours prior to the first scheduled interview. Employers may register to conduct in-person interviews, virtual interviews, or resume collect during our August, September, and October Sessions.


Registration is free. Please return your completed registration form or complete an online registration form through Symplicity:

Symplicity access: https://law-ttu-csm.symplicity.com/employers/.