Texas Tech University

On-Campus 2020-2021 Interview Program

The Texas Tech University School of Law Career & Professional Development Center Team wants to thank all of our employers for participating in our FALL 2020 Recruiting Program. 

2021 is just around the corner and we have a plan that fits your special needs. Meet our high-quality 1L, 2L and 3L students.

If you seek skilled, Resilient Advocates, this is for you.

Registration is FREE and is now open. 

To register:

  • Complete an online registration through Symplicity, or
  • Return a completed OCI Registration Form to Career and Professional Development.
  • Contact Paula Smith, Assistant Dean of the Career and Professional Development Center, at 806.834.8814 or Kayla Wimberley, Associate Director at 806.834.3214.

On-Campus Interviews (Includes Virtual Interviews and Resume Collection)

We collect student resumes, distribute them to you electronically, and host interviews virtually and on our campus. You select the students you want to interview and the schedule that works best for you.

Our FALL 2020 On-Campus Interview Program was very successful in spite of COVID-19. Our Spring 2021 Program will be held during January, February and March 2021.

Video-Teleconference Interviews

Interviews may be conducted via video-teleconferencing from the convenience of your own office. On our end, we are equipped with a high definition flat-screen monitor, wall-mounted in interview rooms providing privacy and professionalism and our fully virtual academic students can connect directly with you too! This set up allows our IT team to connect with you via a number of platforms including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Go-to-Meeting and others. When you elect the video-teleconferencing option, we can conduct a test run in advance of interviews to assure smooth connections.

Resume Collection

If you would like to delay committing to an interview date, you may request resume collection. You will receive bundled applications from Texas Tech Law students to review at your convenience. You may schedule interviews according to your own timetable.

Contact Paula Smith, Assistant Dean of the Career and Professional Development Center, at 806.834.8814.

Recruiting at Tech Law is free. Career and Professional Development staff are committed to employer satisfaction and confidence by delivering friendly services, on-time production, and flexible solutions to meet your business needs.