Texas Tech University


Texas Tech University School of Law produces graduates who are eager and ready to step into law practice. The curriculum places emphasis on legal doctrine and practical legal skills. You will find practice-ready, professionals among our candidates.

Recruiting Services

Texas Tech Law Career & Professional Development Center wants to be your recruiting advisor. Our services include assisting you in developing and selecting a recruiting plan that meets the needs of your organization. We can assist you in defining a job description for your position, writing a job posting, and selecting a recruiting process, and arranging for interview locations and contact. Our support includes current market rates for clerk and new attorney salaries. We can provide information and referral resources regarding organization structures including partner track, staff attorneys, contract attorneys, and succession planning.

Policy on Contact with 1L Law Students

The primary goal of the first semester of law school is to encourage effective student academic performance and mastery of legal concepts and skills. In addition, foundational lessons in the structure of the legal profession, professional development, and ethical behavior assist in the formation of an ethical, personal identity. Texas Tech Law encourages lawyer and firm participation in group workshops, competitions, events, seminars, and orientation sessions focused on these foundational lessons.

Lawyer and legal employer support of professional development and foundational education is always encouraged and invited without regards to timing, at the discretion of Texas Tech Law School. Individuals and groups may be invited, or be granted permission, to make group presentations to 1L students. Legal employers may host group receptions and sponsor professional development sessions on subjects and timing approved by the Law School. Examples of such programs include Etiquette Dinner, Networking for Lawyers, Facts about big city/big law, Post-graduate Judicial Clerkship Advantages, Legal Mentoring, Careers In…(designated practice areas), and others.

Individual contact and recruiting for future work positions may commence as early as October 1 of the fall semester. Employers may independently identify and contact students directly, post job opportunities with the school, access Resume Viewbooks, and register for spring On-Campus Interviews. It should be noted that no official grades and class ranks are expected to be released by the Registrar's Office before the beginning of the spring semester.

Employer Policy on OCI Responses to Offers

Texas Tech Law has not established a deadline for OCI offer responses. We expect employers to act in good faith and encourage students to timely respond to written offers within a reasonable deadline period stated in the written offer.