Texas Tech University

Office of Academic Success Programs

The Office of Academic Success Programs (OASP) at the Texas Tech University School of Law is dedicated to helping all law students achieve their full academic potential while here at TTU. The office works with new law students (1Ls) as well as returning law students (2Ls and 3Ls) and students preparing for the bar examination.

How might you use the services and programs provided by OASP?

  • • If you are a new law student, we can help you adjust to the different techniques and skills required in legal study: reading and briefing cases, note-taking, outlining courses, exam-writing strategies, utilizing study groups, and other topics.
    • If you are an advanced law student, we can help you improve your grades through an evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses and provide assistance in the implementation of more effective study strategies.
    • For all law students, we can provide an assessment of your learning preferences and how those preferences affect your individualized study strategies for optimal learning.
    • For all law students, we can assist you in implementing more successful time management and stress management skills and help you curb procrastination.
    • For those preparing for the Bar exam, we can assist you with time and stress management and help you identify and use your learning preferences to advantage.