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Office of Academic Success Programs

The Office of Academic Success Programs (OASP) at the Texas Tech University School of Law is dedicated to helping all law students achieve their full academic potential while here at TTU. The office works with new law students (1Ls) as well as returning law students (2Ls and 3Ls) and students preparing for the bar examination.

What does OASP do for students?

OASP provides support to tutors for 1L classes, provides workshops about the various aspects of learning and succeeding academically in law school, teaches in the Introduction to the Study of Law class, creates content in a variety of formats shared via social media for students' pressing 2 am questions, and more.

Where can I find OASP on social media?

Follow us @TTULawOASP

How do I prepare for class?

There are lots of sources of information answering this question, but you can start with Professor Baldwin's blog. The hyperlink will take you to the page of collected posts grouped by topic and subject matter. Additionally, the library provides students access to a couple of amazing databases full of law school study aids, notably the West Academic Study Aids and Aspen Learning Library databases.

What is “outlining” and how does one do it?

For TTU Law students, there is a special class offered in the first semester called “Introduction to the Study of Law” it includes lessons on how to do law school outlining in preparation for finals. Otherwise, you might want to check out the aforementioned blog, as well as OASP social media. There should be a couple of YouTube videos on the subject.

How do I prepare for finals?

Our registrar, Janessa Walls, has the following quote attached to her email signature (although she provides attribution to Robert Collier), “Success is the sum of smalls efforts, repeated day in and day out.” Finals preparation begins with reading for class. It continues with attending class to acquire insight into the areas of emphasis your professor places on different parts of the content and the skills the professor seeks to cultivate in students. Then you begin working on creating a knowledge map for yourself, aka outlining, and completing practice problems to make sure you have the knowledge available for recall and use on the final exam. Cultivate good sleep throughout the entire semester; it is when your brain processes information and consolidates learning into long-term memory. Attend tutoring to get insight in how to write answers for finals. Also, check out our social media and Professor Baldwin's blog.

Where can I find practice problems?

Please download this file for numerous links to sources of practice problems.

What do I need to know about the bar exam as a 1L?

It exists, and it will test you on things you're learning as 1Ls because they are foundational to the body of knowledge American lawyers need to build from. If you're going to be a Texas attorney, you need to file a declaration with the board of law examiners or state bar. Dean Cassie Christopher is our go-to person on all things bar related, Professor Baldwin is just the support team.

What do I need to know about the bar exam as a 2L

It exists, and it will test you on things you're learning in the upper level required curriculum because those are the subject areas where attorneys can really screw up their clients lives. Learn this stuff well for the benefit of your future clients. Also, make acquaintance with Dean Cassie Christopher if you haven't done so yet.

What do I need to know about the bar exam as a 3L?

It's expensive, and there's a lot of paperwork between you and the bar exam. Get to know Dean Cassie Christopher and read the information she provides about when to focus on the different registration deadlines.


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