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The Texas Bank Lawyer is a monthly newsletter written and edited by Texas Tech law students and read by over nine hundred attorneys nationwide. The Texas Bank Lawyer is published as a cooperative effort of the Texas Association of Bank Counsel and the Texas Tech University School of Law. The Texas Bank Lawyer and The American Bank Lawyer are monthly publications that provide information about current cases, statutes, and regulatory materials of interest to banks and attorneys who practice banking and commercial law.

The Texas Association of Bank Counsel (TABC) was founded in 1976-77 by a group of Texas attorneys, whose practice included considerable time devoted to the representation of commercial banking clients. The purpose of the organization was to create an association where knowledge and information about legal problems unique to banks could be shared among members of the association.

An annual convention was started to promote a sense of shared purpose and continuing legal education for the membership. Also, an Annual Banking Law Institute was established for members and others with an interest in the subject of Banking Law. The convention and the institute are held approximately six months apart, with the convention usually scheduled for October, and the institute usually scheduled for March or April. The programs for both meeting have included excellent speakers and outlines that, over the years, have become a valuable resource for bank lawyers.

Along with establishing conferences, the Association, in cooperation with the Texas Tech School of Law, publishes a monthly newsletter entitled The Texas Bank Lawyer (TBL) and its sister publication, The American Bank Lawyer. The newsletter is sent to over nine hundred subscribers. The newsletter includes summaries of recent cases and regulatory matters of interest to bank lawyers, articles on new legislation or developing legal areas, and occasional editorial comments on banking and commercial matters. Topics such as trust law, fair debt, collection bankruptcy, and letters of credit are just some of the areas covered in TBL issues.

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