Texas Tech University

LawSuits - Dress to Impress

In today's fast-paced world, making a positive first impression is crucial. Whether it's job interviews, Board of Barristers Competitions, or social events, wearing a proper suit can be the key to exuding confidence, competence, and a keen sense of professionalism.

The LawSuits program was inspired by a generous donation from Michael Cole '16 to help students struggling to afford professional attire. This program aims to help students look and feel their best as they enter the professional world. Students can apply for reimbursement of up to $250 for the purchase of a suit and alterations, or up to $150 for alterations only.

Wearing the right suit is one thing, but it is your confidence that truly sets you apart. When you feel comfortable in your outfit, it shows in your attitude and body language, leaving a positive and lasting impression.

So suit up, exude confidence, and let your skills shine as you step into your future with style! The LawSuits Program is now accepting applications through Friday, April 19. Students who can demonstrate a financial need are encouraged to complete this application to be preapproved or considered for reimbursement.

The Lawsuits program is awesome! In law school, you're constantly wearing a suit for one reason or another. The Lawsuits program reimbursed me for some suits I purchased so I'm able to attend events and functions without wearing the same suit at every event. It also provided reimbursement for some of my suit alterations so I know my suits will look excellent on me when I attend interviews, making me look more professional!"  -3L Law Student (Graduating May 2024)

If you have any questions about the LawSuits program, please contact Kayla Wimberley, Assistant Dean of Career and Professional Development, at kayla.wimberley@ttu.edu or 806.834.3214.

Those who wish to donate to the LawSuits program can contact Karen Holden, Senior Director of Development and Donor Relations, at karen.holden@ttu.edu