Texas Tech University

Refund and Payments

After all university charges are paid, the balance of your financial aid funds will be issued either in the form of a check mailed to you by Texas Tech University, or through Automatic Check Deposit (ACH). Please contact Student Business Services (SBS) at (806) 742-3272 or visit their web site for information regarding the necessary forms and information for direct deposit authorization.

Refund Policy

Texas Tech may owe you money if you:

  • Have money left over from financial aid
  • Receive a scholarship
  • Overpay tuition
  • Drop a class or a class is cancelled
  • Have a credit balance after application of waivers/exemptions

To expedite refund availability, students are encouraged to go to Raiderlink to enroll in My Direct Deposit to receive funds electronically (ACH) instead of by check in the mail. Students must have an active mailing address in the Texas Tech University system for any refund (ACH or check) to be issued. It is the student's responsibility to maintain a correct active address with Texas Tech University to ensure receipt of payments.

Financial aid or general refunds cannot be used to pay for more than $200.00 of a past academic year balance that may be outstanding. Any refunds may be held until all previous balances are paid in full.

Setting Up Direct Deposit

You must have a current address on file to receive any payments from Texas Tech University.

  1. Sign in to raiderlink.ttu.edu with your eRaider to update your address or bank information
  2. Update your banking information at the My Direct Deposit link under Student Account
  3. Your address on file will show directly below your name
  4. To change your address, close out of My Direct Deposit and go back on Raiderlink and select Update Addresses and Phones under Personal Information—Return to My Direct Deposit by clicking the link from Raiderlink
  5. An error will appear if the Bank Routing number is invalid
  6. Click Save
  7. Click eRaider Sign Out to log out of Raiderlink and close your browser

ACH verification will take up to 4 days after this initial sign up before refunds can be processed. You can update or deactivate your ACH account information at any time.


Please visit Student Business Services for how-to guides and videos on enrolling and paying for your tuition online.

Book Loans

Book loans are available each semester. The maximum amount for fall and spring terms is $500.00. The maximum available for Summer terms is $200.00 per session.

Students may apply for a book loan online at sbsbookloans.ttu.edu.