Texas Tech University

Regional Externship Program

The School of Law offers full-time externship opportunities in several major Texas cities. The Regional Externship Program allows select third-year students to live in Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, or Houston for a full semester, taking classes and externing with practicing attorneys or judges. Living and learning about law practice in one of the largest legal markets in the country gives students exposure to sophisticated legal work, creating an unparalleled educational experience. Placements include the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, the Supreme Court of Texas, 7-Eleven Corporation, and the San Antonio Spurs.

The program offers twelve hours of academic credit – ten credit hours for completing 490 hours of study at an externship placement and two additional credit hours for successfully completing the contemporaneous Regional Externship Support Course.

The Regional Externship Support Course complements the students' placement experience. It comprises a multi-day orientation at the beginning of the semester and continues in bi-monthly meetings. Students will learn professional skills and concepts integral to a successful transition to practice.

Class topics include professional responsibility, successful relationships with supervising attorneys, legal research and writing, civility, professionalism, and many others. Additionally, students have substantial structured opportunities for professional development and networking during the externship semester.

Participating students may extern in either the fall semester or the spring semester. Under the current academic calendar, the fall semester begins around the last week of August and ends in early December. The spring semester begins in mid to late January and ends around the beginning of May.

The Regional Externship Program is compatible with student activities traditionally based in Lubbock. All Texas Tech law journals, the Board of Barristers, and most student organizations currently allow their members to participate in the Regional Externship Program.

Regional Externship Program in the News

"At the same time, such programs [as Texas Tech Law's Regional Externship Program] may be the proving ground for a new kind of in-house counsel—one who graduates already attuned to the needs of the C-suite."

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