Texas Tech University

How to Apply

3Ls in good academic standing are eligible to participate in the Regional Externship Program. 2Ls in good academic standing are eligible to participate in select Texas legislative placements. During the spring, the School of Law conducts a competitive selection process to identify students for particular externships.

The selection process comprises several steps. First, prospective externs complete a written application. The members of the Regional Externship Committee (made up of Tech Law professors and administrators) review the paper applications to select students for screening interviews. After screening interviews are complete, the committee selects students for final interviews with specific externship placements.

Placements will conduct final screening interviews (typically) by phone or Zoom. If a placement accepts a student, the student becomes eligible to register for the Regional Externship Program.

How do I get additional information?

The Regional Externship Program hosts two information sessions each year. In the fall, the entire student body is invited to an information session that covers essential information that students should consider as they plan their academic program. In January, eligible students are invited to a mandatory application information session. This session kicks off the application cycle and will help students apply successfully. For more information about applying or the program in general, feel free to contact Dwight McDonald, Clinic Fellow for the Family Law/Housing Clinic and Criminal Defense Clinic, at dwight.mcdonald@ttu.edu.