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A Message from Interim Dean Richard Rosen

Interim Dean Rosen

On behalf of the Texas Tech University School of Law community, thank you for the valuable role you play in our continued success. Your involvement--and the ongoing support you provide--make an amazing difference in our students' lives. You help them fulfill their goals and dreams.

To help Tech Law reach its full potential, we need the support of all alumni and friends. Diminished levels of state and university support mean that your contributions will make an immediate and direct impact on the quality of education we provide, the reputation of your law school, and the opportunities available to our students. Your gift will also set an example for others and acknowledge the value of your own legal education.

If you have contributed in the past, thank you. You have helped the law school progress and serve society through our graduates' efforts.

If you would like more information about how to give to the Texas Tech University School of Law, or about the Texas Tech University Law School Foundation, which manages gifts benefiting the law school, please contact Lisa Green at 806.834.4663, or lisa.green@ttu.edu.

Giving to the Texas Tech Law School Foundation

All gifts to the Texas Tech Law School Foundation are welcome! The foundation is a Texas nonprofit corporation established under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code for educational or charitable purposes that primarily receives and manages gifts to the law school. Checks and gifts should be made payable to the Texas Tech Law School Foundation.

Types of Gifts

Donors may designate gifts for a specific purpose, such as a contribution to the library, a scholarship or an endowment. Gifts without a specific, donor-designated purpose serve as unrestricted donations. Unrestricted gifts become a part of the Dean's Excellence fund detailed below. Memorial gifts or gifts in honor of a person or occasion may be designated for a specific purpose if desired or may be unrestricted.

Dean's Excellence Fund

The Dean's Excellence Fund consists of undesignated gifts and provides essential, unrestricted support directed to wherever needs are most pressing at any given moment, including faculty research, student organizations and programs, financial aid, library resources, distinguished guest lecturers, and important initiatives of the dean.

Dedicated to everything it takes to provide Texas Tech Law students a stellar legal education, the Dean's Excellence Fund provides a vital source of steady and adaptive support.

Designated Gifts

Donors may designate gifts go to a specific fund or purpose within the law school rather than the general Dean's Excellence Fund. You can choose to support a faculty member's work, friend's endowment, or an organization you joined as a law student, Read below to learn more about types of designated gifts.


An endowment is a permanent fund held by the Texas Tech Law School Foundation and invested to provide income for support. The principal itself is never spent and thus serves as a continuing and reliable source of funds. Through named endowments, the name of the donor or honored person becomes a permanent part of the law school legacy, known and remembered by future generations of law students. Gifts may be made to the endowment. To start an endowment, please contact Lisa Green at 806.834.4663, or lisa.green@ttu.edu.

  • Endowed Scholarships: Donors can establish named scholarship endowments.
  • Endowed Professorships: Endowed professorships fund a law school professor position and can be named.

Gifts to Law School Organizations, Publications, Centers, and Programs

Many of the law school's student organizations and publications benefit from donations, gifts, and sponsorships, and you can direct your gift toward them. You may also choose to donate to law school centers and programs, such as the clinics and advocacy teams. Individual organizations may be contacted to identify specific projects and events that need alumni and donor support.

Leave Your Mark

To leave your mark on the law school in a visible way, brick and stone pavers are available as well as sponsoring opportunities for study carrels and benches. Gifts of $50,000 or more provide room naming opportunities in the law school to recognize the donor or any individual the donor chooses to honor.

For information about any type of gift, pledge, donation or bequest to the law school, please call the Texas Tech Law School Foundation Office, Lisa Green at 806.834.4663, or lisa.green@ttu.edu.

Planned Giving

You may provide for Texas Tech Law through bequests, trusts, charitable gift annuities, life insurance, or retirement accounts. Contact the Texas Tech Law School Foundation Office, Lisa Green at 806.834.4663, or lisa.green@ttu.edu for more information on planning your gift.

How to Give

  • Donate online at donate.law.ttu.edu using our secure payment system.
  • Call the Texas Tech Law School Foundation Office at 806.834.4663.
  • Mail a check to the Texas Tech Law School Foundation, 1802 Hartford Avenue, Lubbock, Texas 79409.


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