Texas Tech University

2019 TTU President's Emerging Engaged Scholarship Awards Program Guidelines

1. Abstract: Significance of the Engagement Partnership

Summarize the university-community partnership and the scholarship embedded in the project or initiative. Describe the community need or social issue that the project or initiative addresses, the timeframe when project/initiative and/or initial partnership with the community was developed. Briefly explain the mutual benefits and solutions that you expect to result from the project/initiative and community partnership.

2. Relationship and Reciprocity between the University and the Community

Describe the university and community partners (current and potential future partners). Who currently is or will be involved from the university side? Who is or will be involved from the community side? What is or will be the relationship between the university and the community partners? What is or will be the role of each partner and how do you or will you work together to find solutions to the need or issue?

3. Impacts on the Community

Describe why the project or initiative has significant potential for impact on the community. What are the anticipated benefits for the community? What changes might occur in the community? Change indicators should include but not be limited to knowledge generation and sharing; positive economic, social and/or educational impacts within the community; new funding generated through grants, etc.

4. Impacts on the University

Describe the potential impacts that the project or initiative will have on the university (faculty, staff, and/or students). University impacts should include scholarship that is communicated through scholarly publications, academic and/or public presentations, interviews, etc.). Impacts may also include (but not necessarily be limited to) student success, curriculum changes, new funding streams, or development of human capital and resources.

5. Lessons Learned and Best Practices

Describe the challenges the university and community partners might be facing through this collaboration and explain how these might be addressed and overcome. Explain the conclusions and best practices that you think could be drawn from the partnership. These could include (but are not limited to) the process of being partners, innovative solutions to community issues, changes in the partnership, etc. Also note if and how you plan to document and share them.

6. Future

Describe the longer-term plans for this project/initiative and involved partnerships. How will the partners continue to work together or how will they determine when the partnership is concluded? Identify any funding or other resources that would continue to support the project/initiative. Describe how you might be addressing sustainability of the project/initiative.

7. Supporting Documentation

Applicants must include one letter of support from a community partner expressing the need for the project/initiative, its potential for community impact, and commitment to collaboration and support of the project/initiative. Additional documents that demonstrate the need and potential for impact may be included.

Applications must be submitted via Texas Tech Competition Space. Each section of the application is limited to 300 words.


The deadline submission date was February 28, 2019. We are no longer accepting applications at this time.


For questions, contact Birgit Green, University Outreach & Engagement; E-Mail: birgit.green@ttu.edu; Phone: (806)834-2308.