Classroom Accommodation Checklist

Presenting Letters of Accommodation to Instructors:

Step 1: Make an appointment with each instructor.
Step 2: Meet with each instructor and discuss needed accommodations for that particular class.
Step 3: Both student and instructor must sign and date the LOA, acknowledging needed accommodations.
Step 4: If the course has a lab, discussion, or multiple instructors, make sure all instructors have a copy of your LOA.
Step 5: Have the instructor make a copy of the signed LOA for your records.
Step 6: Instructors should return the LOA to SDS at Mail Stop 45007.

REMINDER: Students need to request LOAs prior to the beginning of the semester.

Setting up Testing Accommodations:

Step 1: Obtain a testing contract (pink sheet) from Academic Testing Services.
Step 2: Meet with instructor and complete the testing contract.
Step 3: Return the signed contract to Academic Testing Services along with a copy of your LOA. You will need a contract for each course, but only one copy of your LOA. Academic Testing Services has deadlines for testing requests, so watch these carefully.

REMINDER: You must complete new contracts with Academic Testing Services each semester.

Note-Taking Guidelines:

Step 1: If your instructor chooses to recruit a notetaker from the class, you must take them at least two carbonless  copy notepads provided by SDS, or work out an alternative note-taking system.
Step 2: You must be present and attentive in class to receive notes.
Step 3: Make arrangements with the instructor where you will pick up the notes.
Step 4: Make sure you are receiving the notes within 24 hours of the class. If you are not, contact your SDS counselor.

REMINDER: This service is meant to supplement your own notes, not to replace them.