Texas Tech University

Classroom Accommodation Checklist

Presenting Letters of Accommodation (LOAs) to Instructors:

Step 1: Log into the AIM system with your eRaider and select either the option to have your LOA emailed automatically to your professors or select the option to print your LOA and bring it to your professor.
Step 2: Meet with each instructor and discuss needed accommodations for that particular class.
Step 3: Follow up with lab teachers, discussion leaders, multiple instructors, or exam proctors to make sure all accommodations are taken care of.

Note: If your professor decides to use Academic Testing Services you must still complete the pink ATS testing contract. The testing contracts and note-taking tablets are still available in our front office, 335 West Hall. These ATS testing contracts MUST be filled out by you and the professor when you meet to discuss your accommodations. ATS will also require a copy of your LOA to verify your SDS registration, which you can print directly from the new AIM system.

Setting up Testing Accommodations:

Step 1: Obtain a testing contract (pink sheet) from Academic Testing Services.
Step 2: Meet with instructor and complete the testing contract.
Step 3: Return the signed contract to Academic Testing Services along with a copy of your LOA. You will need a contract for each course, but only one copy of your LOA. Academic Testing Services has deadlines for testing requests, so watch these carefully.

REMINDER: You must complete new contracts with Academic Testing Services each semester.

Note-Taking Guidelines:

Step 1: If your instructor chooses to recruit a notetaker from the class, you must take them at least two carbonless copy notepads provided by SDS, or work out an alternative note-taking system.
Step 2: You must be present and attentive in class to receive notes.
Step 3: Make arrangements with the instructor where you will pick up the notes.
Step 4: Make sure you are receiving the notes within 24 hours of the class. If you are not, contact your SDS counselor.

REMINDER: This service is meant to supplement your own notes, not to replace them.

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