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Michael Anand Heading to Job at National Weather Service

TTU graduate student Michael Anand, photo by Toni Salama

Atmospheric Science Grad Student Also Won Best Poster Award at Texas Weather Conference

4.14.2022 | Toni Salama

When Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Mississippi, the storm left a lasting impact on Michael Anand.

Ever since that event, the atmospheric science graduate student has dreamed of becoming active and involved in the forecasting and operational/communication side of atmospheric sciences. Over the years since Katrina, Anand has sharpened his focus: He wants to help inform the public and higher officials of impactful weather that occurs in the region where he lives and works.

“Additionally,” he said, “I would like to help play a role in narrowing the communication gap with forecasts that are readily and easily accessible to the public and decision support services provided to emergency personnel and public safety officials in the region.” 

Toward that goal, one of Anand's most recent accomplishment is winning the Best Poster Award at the 5th Texas Weather Conference held April 1-2 at Texas Tech's International Cultural Center. Anand's presentation, “Understanding Atmospheric Boundary Layer Depth Variability in Frontal Environments over an Arid Region in West Texas,” was in the field of applied meteorology.

The award, Anand said, validates his ability to communicate the complex terminology and concepts in atmospheric science to anyone outside of his field.

“This skill will be essential when I am communicating forecasts and hazards from incoming storms to the public, local officials and emergency management,” said Anand, who will join the National Weather Service as a forecaster for the Albuquerque office starting in mid-July.

During his graduate studies, Anand worked in Texas Tech's Boundary Layer Meteorology Research Group led by atmospheric scientist Sandip Pal.