Texas Tech University

Graduate Students

Ph.D. Students


Isaac Arseneau

Area of Study: Observation Targeting to Improve the Prediction of Severe Convection

Advisor:  Dr. Brian Ancell

 Austin Coleman

Area of Study: Advance Ensemble Sensitivity Analysis to Understand and Improve the Predictability of Severe Convection

Advisor: Dr. Brian Ancell

Jannick Fischer

Area of Study:  Supercell and Tornado Dynamics Using Idealized Simulations

Advisor: Dr. Johannes Dahl

 Mary (Cece) Kelley

Area of Study: Spatial and Temporal Changes of Dust Events in West Texas

Advisor: Dr. Karin Ardon-Dryer

Russell Manser

Area of Study: Development of Smart Home Utility Systems based on Weather Forecast Data

Advisor: Dr. Brian Ancell

Jessica McDonald

Area of Study: The Role of Upper-Level Wind Shear in QLCS Mesovortexgenesis

Advisor: Dr. Chris Weiss

 Zyanya Ramirez-Diaz

Impact of Lubbock Dust Storm on Human Lung Cells

Advisor:  Dr. Karin Ardon-Dryer

Alexander Schueth

Area of Study:  The Streamwise Vorticity Current: Supportive Environments and Downstream Effects

Advisor: Dr. Chris Weiss

Jessica Souza

Area of Study: Thunderstorm Ice Microphysics, Lightning and Electrification, Radar Polarimetry

Advisor: Dr. Eric Bruning

Tyler Wixtrom

Area of Study: Statistical Downscaling of Low-Level Model Wind Fields to Better Approximate Windstorms

Advisor: Dr. Brian Ancell

M.S. Students


Michael Anand

Area of Study: Impact of Synoptic Scale Processes on Boundary Layer Depth Variability

Advisor: Dr. Sandip Pal

Matt Asel

Area of Study: 4-D Analyses of Thunderstorm Wind Flows using Research Radar

Advisor: Dr. John Schroeder

Lydia Bunting

Area of Study: Heatburst Dynamics Using Idealized Simulations

Advisor: Dr. Johannes Dahl

Nicholas Clark

Area of Study: Lidar Based Characterization of Entrainment Zone Processes

Advisor: Dr. Sandip Pal

Hassanprett (Hassan) Dhaliwal

Area of Study: Effects of Soot and Coal Fly Ash on Human Lung Cells                                                                                                            

Advisor: Dr. Karin Ardon-Dryer

Jilliann Dufort

Area of Study: Exploring Time-Lagged Ensembles for Improved Prediction of Heavy Percipitation

Advisor: Dr. Brian Ancell

 Billy Faletti

Area of Study: The Value of Ensemble Sensitivity Analysis for Storm Scale Prediction in Warn-on-Forecast

Advisor: Dr. Chris Weiss

 Matthew Hamel

Area of Study: Multi-parameter Turbulence Characteristics of Boundary Layer

Advisor: Dr. Sandip Pal

 Jon Madden

Area of Study: Assimilation of Satellite Radiances to Improve Precipitation Forecasts

Advisor: Dr. Brian Ancell

 Jacob Nadolsky

Area of Study: 4-D Wind Evaluations of Turbine Inflow and Wake Flow using Research Radar Measurements

Advisor: Dr. John Schroeder

 Joshua  Ostaszewski

Area of Study: Assessment of Spatiotemporal Heterogeneities in QLCS Cold Pools and Their Relation to Tornado and Mesovortex Genesis

Advisor: Dr. Chris Weiss

 Natalie Trout

 Area of Study: Establishing Wind Fields of Record from Landfalling Hurricanes                                                                                            

Advisor: Dr. John Schroeder

 Ellie Venteicher

Area of Study: TTUKa Observations of Internal RFD Surges from Project TORUS

Advisor: Dr. Chris Weiss

 Stephanie Voelker

Area of Study: Measurements of Dust Events Using AEROS

Advisor: Dr. Karin Ardon-Dryer