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Boundary Layer Processes

boundary.jpgThe Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) is by definition directly influenced by the Earth's surface, which is continuously heterogeneous in various properties such as terrain heights, soil types, and land use. The Texas Tech ABL team focuses on the impacts of various surface heterogeneity factors on the structures and processes of the ABL and their interactions with other weather and climate phenomena.

We are making an effort to construct a well-refined multi-scale modeling framework by seamlessly integrating meso- and micro-scale atmospheric modeling approaches. By explicitly resolving all the critical ABL processes, the multi-scale modeling framework can accurately respond to man-made land use change.


Dr. Sandip Pal. Boundary layer and mountain meteorology, turbulence, lidar, remote sensing of state variables and tracers, carbon cycle and atmospheric aerosols

Research Facilities

Modeling efforts may be supported through the High Performance Computing Center. Instrumentation to support boundary layer research includes a 200 meter meteorological tower and a boundary layer wind profiler.

Related Graduate Course

ATMO 5319: (3:3:0) Boundary Layer Meteorology