Texas Tech University

Hurricane Research


The Hurricane Research Team (HRT) was established in 1998 and consists of faculty and students from the Texas Tech Atmospheric Science Group and the National Wind Institute. The HRT uses the StickNet platforms and the TTU-Ka band mobile Doppler radars to collect detailed observations of landfalling tropical cyclones.

Research has focused on characterizing the wind flow characteristics of landfalling tropical cyclones using wind statistics (gust factor, turbulence intensity and integral scale) and power spectra. Additional research has focused on documenting the influence of surface roughness and its effect on tropical cyclone wind flow characteristics using both in situ and Doppler radar wind measurements. Numerous publications and conference proceedings have fallen out of the work conducted by the TTUHRT.


Dr. John Schroeder, Wind flow and boundary layer structure in hurricanes and thunderstorm outflow, meso- and micro-scale observational networks, wind engineering, statistical and time series analysis

Research Facilities

Collecting data during land-falling hurricanes involves the deployment of StickNet platforms and the TTU-Ka band mobile Doppler radars