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Getting Started

Welcome to grant editing for the College of Arts & Sciences. The 15 departments of the College of Arts & Sciences fit into the context of a large university with a variety of resources available for the preparation and administration of grants. These resources are scattered across a variety of websites, and the first question asked by faculty is often the simplest one imaginable: Where do I start?

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Where Do I Start?

    • In very broad strokes, the Office of Research Services will help any faculty member to prepare a budget and navigate bureaucratic guidelines for any grant;
    • The Research Development Team in the Office of the Vice President for Research will work with those faculty pursuing largescale, multidisciplinary and multi-institutional grant opportunities;
    • Projects that interact with the advancement of Texas Tech through private donors or foundations will speak with Institutional Advancement;
    • The grant writer or editor for your particular college will provide help in the actual process of finding and applying to grant opportunities;
    • And Accounting Services will provide post award administration and oversight in the case that a grant is won.

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Just Ask

The best way to find out whether someone can help you is to pick up a phone and ask them! For instance, despite the description here of the Research Development Team (RDT) as being involved mostly in largescale projects, they are also the primary source of training for use of pivot.cos, a subscription service for manually searching out grant opportunities as well as setting up tailored notifications by e-mail. The management of limited submissions (knowing whether your desired grant or fellowship is in fact a limited submission is absolutely vital, as internal university deadlines can significantly precede the external deadlines posted by the grant sponsor) likewise falls under the purview of RDT.

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As you might have guessed, this website belongs to the fourth category: grant editing services for faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences. However, though we can only work directly with faculty belonging to our College, a variety of resources useful to faculty across Texas Tech are in the process of being established. Once this webpage is fully up and running, you will find:

    • An extensive set of learning modules on the genre of grantwriting, in both the arts and the sciences
    • A searchable database of more than 100 sample proposals pertaining to a variety of grantgiving institutions, including every directorate of the NSF, various divisions of the NIH, and all NEH programs. This database will be accessible to any Texas Tech faculty member, and is drawn from a mixture of freely accessible proposals online and unique contributions of TTU faculty members. We ask that you accord these proposals with the respect appropriate and do not download them on behalf of other people.
    • More detailed links to resources fragmented across the various organizational units of the university. Because we do not control these websites, links will occasionally go dead, so please send a note whenever this is the case.

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Nural Akchurin, Associate Dean for Research
College of Arts & Sciences

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