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Academic Warning means:

Academic Warning

  1. Cumulative Institutional (TTU) GPA is less than 2.0 for a student's first term in attendance, or per the standing guidelines as outlined.
  2. Eligible for all extracurricular activities as governed by the rules of the specific activity.
  3. May not enroll for more than 16 hours without academic dean approval.
  4. Should seek to take one course for grade replacement.
  5. Midterm grades will be required.
  6. Required to meet with an Academic Success Advisor a minimum of two times each semester until the Cumulative Institutional GPA is greater than 2.0.
  7. Seek regularly scheduled advice and counsel from an academic advisor.
  8. If student is placed on Academic Warning following first semester at TTU, the student must complete an Academic Recovery Plan, Enroll in a PADR course and pay a nonrefundable course fee. For more information on PADR, please visit: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/padr/index.php
  9. At the end of the next enrolled term:
    • If the term and institutional TTU GPA is above 2.0, Academic Standing for that term would be Academic Good Standing.
    • If the term is above 2.0, but the institutional TTU GPA remains below 2.0, Academic Standing for that term would be Academic Warning.
    • If the term and institutional TTU GPA is below 2.0, Academic Standing for that term would be Academic Probation.

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Next Steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment with your Academic Success Advisor regarding your academic standing and additional resources to help you improve your academic performance. Make sure to complete & bring an Academic Success Plan to your scheduled appointment. Not having your Academic Success Plan may result in the cancellation of your appointment.
  2. Enroll in PADR (if you have not already successfully completed PADR) by contacting the PADR Office at (806) 742-3928.
  3. Meet with your Major Advisor to discuss courses and grade replacement.

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